Epic: Gears 3 Leak "Frustrating and Saddening"

Edge: "In an extensive interview published on the site today, executive producer Rod Fergusson admits the premature leak earlier this month of a development build of Gears Of War 3 was "saddening" and "frustrating," but saves his harshest words for those who sought out story spoilers."

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clank5432634d ago

It's just what happens with big games. I'm not comparing the story to Heavy Rain's, but I remember when that one came out and everyone was devastated. Luckily, I avoided that one, but if certain people can ruin things for others they will do anything to make it happen. It's an unfortunate truth.

fr0sty2634d ago

When's the last time a PS3 game got leaked before release? GT5? Killzone 3? You just don't hear about it anywhere near as widespread as you do on 360. I thought they fixed it's piracy issues?

Urrakia342634d ago

QFT. Games get leaked no matter what platform. It happens.

LOGICWINS2634d ago

Just because we don't hear about EVERY game leak doesn't mean that they didn't just means it hasn't been brought to the attention of the media.

I_find_it_funny2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


there is a difference between leaked a week or so before release cos that happens to every game and months before

qwertyz2634d ago

infamous 2 got leaked WAY before release it was all over, and other pro piracy sites. alot of pirates had beat the game before it was officially released
killzone 3, GT and LBP 2 also got leaked. infact ALL ps3 and 360 games(multiplat or exclusive) get leaked before release on these pro piracy websites.

even with piracy multiplats usually sell best on 360 so that must mean that not many 360 gamers are pirates.360 exclusives(the very few they get) also usually pull off impressive sales figures.

2634d ago
EZMickey2634d ago

When was the last time Xbox Live's user accounts and credit card info was leaked? You just don't hear about it.

radphil2634d ago

"even with piracy multiplats usually sell best on 360 so that must mean that not many 360 gamers are pirates"

And what exactly were you getting at with this statement?

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badz1492634d ago

embracing the hackers, yeah?

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rezzah2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Its like building a house only to have people move in without getting paid.

edit: So yea, who wouldn't be? It isn't something to be happy about.

Jonah_Reese2634d ago

I don't how close knit the Gears community is but the best thing Epic and the community can do is persuade other to not obtain the game via illegal downloading.

KingPin2634d ago

i agree with you on that one. but lets face it, 90% who have a hacked console are cheapskates. to convince them to pay for something they can get free elsewhere is mission impossible.

It really is sad to see this happen.

thebudgetgamer2634d ago

if epic games were a dog they would be. a melancholy

Cereal2633d ago

If Epic Games were a cereal they would be Corn Flakes.

GrumpyVeteran2634d ago

Pirating games: Not exclusive to PC.

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