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Many thought that the game wouldn’t sell well in the U.S. Some even believed that the game would never be localized for the western market, but Atlus’s strange love triangle/sheep dream, Catherine, has quickly become the company’s fastest selling title to date.

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Rashonality2633d ago

Great to see that it sold well cuz Atlus needs more support cuz they usually make/publish great games, and best season for their game are summer cuz there isn't alot of games coming out so they have the whole market for their selves.

Yi-Long2633d ago

... cause it's missing the option for the original language.

Not that Atlus will be losing any sleep over missing a sale to me btw. It just sucks that they couldn't find a way to either implement the original language as an option in the western release, or implement english subs in the japanese/asian release!

Rumour has it that Hong Kong is getting an english-subtitled version with the original language, so I might pick it up from there...

Da One2633d ago

I don't know why.....

Atlus stop adding Japanese VA to their games long ago

raWfodog2633d ago

It seems like it still has good voice acting. The english doesn't sound corny, like we usually hear.

I wasn't interested in this but, after hearing the reviews and the general praise from a lot of people, I might pick this up (for cheap though).

Tuxedo_Mask2633d ago

Did you buy any games in the NES/SEGA-N64/PS2/XBox eras? While having the original language available is always a good thing it isn't something that's very common in localized games. Your gaming library must not be that big if that's one of your absolute requirements.

Yi-Long2633d ago

... very few games had actual voice-acting. Let alone RPG's/adventures. That's something of the last 7-8 years orso.

I did have Grandia 2 and Shenmue on the Dreamcast, which both had pretty poor english voice-acting, and it was the reason why I never picked up Shenmue 2 for the Xbox.

Cereal2633d ago

I played the demo and it was garbage. People who bought this were just people wanting to see boobs (same happened with Bayonetta). Just using sex to sell a mediocre game and the preteens always buy into it.

Ramas2633d ago

strongly disagree, it is not teen thing, but complex and interesting story about adult relationship.
You can even learn thing or two from game if you lisen when it tries to say to you.
i am 30 myself and boobs has nothing to do with buying this game.

maniacmayhem2633d ago

Sorry Ramas, i left my troll cage open and Cereal got out.

Come here boy *snaps fingers* coooome on back in your cage.

Mystickay862633d ago

I'm guessing you've never even been in an adult relationship. Get out of the basement from your mom's house, and try socializing in your area.

don't even care if this post gets deleted, but your rambling opinion just stinks like poop.

Prototype2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )


It sucks because its not an FPS, achevement/trophies actually require time and patience, and has a very good storyline?

The fact its a puzzle game sold me; the fact that it's a different type of love story was extra credit.

Sounds like you didn't like it because you couldn't figure out how to play it; and/or because you couldn't get digital boobs like you thought - aka sour grapes.

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