Tripwire chooses "Low Violence" version of Red Orchestra 2 for Australia

Even though an adult rating for video games has been approved in theory for Australia, it’s still a little way off – and will not come soon enough for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, which will be released in that region as a "low violence" version.

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Bonobo123452637d ago

Damn.. that sucks, My thoughts are with you my Australian and German gaming brothers and sisters...

It sucks that your countries are so strict, I guess most of you must import your games?

Solid_Snake-2637d ago

i feel for the OZ gaming community. they pay more for less content.

GrumpyVeteran2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

No...This article is wrong; it's Low Violence currently because it hasn't been classified yet. The president of Tripwire mentioned that once its been officially classified, that will change.

Check the steam forums.

sovietsoldier2637d ago

grumpy is correct, but the game even if it ended up with low violence im sure will be great!