OMGN: Cthulhu Saves the World Review

Cthulhu Saves the World is the second 2-D RPG to be published by Zeboyd Games after Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. Like the previous title, CSTW borrows from the 2-D JRPGs of old -- the Final Fantasies, the Chrono Triggers and the Lufias with their top-down world exploration and 2-D battle screens. In fact, at first glance, CSTW looks very much like Breath of Death VII. Before you panic about this being a lack of innovation and a simple rehash, rest assured it's anything but, and Zeboyd Games has once again knocked another one out of the park.

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NuclearDuke2632d ago

It looks like a combination of Pokemon & some random online 2D RPG. It doesn't look very "amusing" to play, yes - i am talking about the graphics which in no way can be justified by being a 2D RPG title. It looks terrible and how a game can score 8.8/10 with these graphics, even if intended is beyond my knowledge.

Guess I can block future reviews from "OMGN" if this is serious.

Marc_Mitchell2632d ago

Of course its serious, its a great game from a great indie developer with some nice retro style graphics.

It not just OMGN that gave it a high scoring review in the related article section there is two 9/10 reviews and a 4/5, plus the IGN review gave it a 8/10.

NuclearDuke2632d ago

Another reason to ignore the mentioned sites. You cannot use "indie developer" as an excuse every single time there is a lack in development which in this case is the graphics.

2011 - That doesn't exacly call the need for retro style graphics which belongs 30 years back in time. Why would you limit your possibilities, for a niche that won't sell. If they had faith in this project and their graphics style, they would have upped the price.

Baka-akaB2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Yeah i'm tired of folks using the "it's 2d" excuse for pedestrain and crap graphics in 2011 . It's an annoying cliché and pattern seen with lots of 2d psn/xbla/steam/mini "small games"

Back when that style was the trend , it was a peak , not some crutch .

2d is a beautiful artfor and it's 2011 . SD or HD , it should look good . LIke the things we've seen from games like Muramasa , and the upcoming Dragon Crown .

If you are SELLING and publishing a game , there can no longer be excuses . You're not an amateur or "indie" anymore , you've got professional standards to aspire to .
Espeically when the best current 2d games are also done by small teams with a tight budget .

Robotronfiend2631d ago

Complain all you want about retro style graphics, but it was a choice, not a requirement. They chose that style on purpose, you just didn't care for it.

That style does appeal to some gamers, just not Nuclear Duke and Baka. No big deal. Its too bad you can't understand that just because you don't enjoy a game, that does not mean it is a bad game.

It is a good game, and has been praised and recieved high review scores from well over a dozen outlets.

Baka-akaB2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Maybe , i'm just not convinced at all that you can't do a "good looking" retro game .
I dont equate retro to poor graphics . I dont thnk you do either , but i lack english words to convey my feelings further .
It' should only be retro in artstyle (and the gameplay i guess) , with a better production value (again only commenting the graphical aspect here)

As an example , Scott pilgrim use a rich mix of oldschool retro graphic style through the game but it never feels cheap and like a cover up.

And my comment from above is more of a general rant that precisely aiming at that particular title (even if it fits the profile imo) .

It's not some wrath directed upon the title and indies ... i'd complain and still buy some of them grudgingly . But there are also big publishers offenders like capcom . I hate how megaman 9-10 looks . THere is no reason a retro style from them should mean just using 8 bits tech . That's what was best then ,and it was amazing indeed ... but now they've got the means and opportunity to do better , while retaining the flavor

sonicsidewinder2631d ago

Looks like a lot of fun. On mah steam wishlist for the time being.