Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets a Downloadable Demo

Andriasang: You might have suspected as much when Square Enix gave a name to the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo that was shown at an Odaiba event a couple of weeks back. Today, we have confirmation courtesy of Famitsu: that demo, known as "Natsubi," will be released in download form.

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iamtehpwn2724d ago

I wonder how much we're going to pay for this Demo...If the demo even comes to the US, like Prologus.

but if it's free, that's the right direction. Perhaps before their respective releases, we'll even XIII-2 and Versus XIII demos.

In my opinion, with the current impressions with Fabula Nova Crystallis is that they could all stand to benefit from demos.

pr0digyZA2724d ago

Im playing crisis core at the moment and that is amazing. This is looking very good will definately pick it up and stupidly I haven't been following this game so I have no idea what it's like.

Kurisu2724d ago

Haven't been following?!

Well let me tell you the game has airships, chocobos AND a world map!

Check this forum out, as it is updated whenever news hits

pr0digyZA2724d ago

Thanks:) looks like it's going to be amazing, especially considering its on the PSP. Sounds like some old school FF with some of the new crisis core fighting. Very impressive.

Ddouble2724d ago

Square aren't normally this quiet when it comes to a western release of a FF title. Probably because of the Vita or maybe even the PSP remaster. Either way i just want more info.

I'll probably will try and get the demo just for the visuals.