Motion Control: The child of Eden

destructoid writes: The reason why the motion controls were so great was because it did what so few games could do: Make you feel like you were the player. It felt like I was fighting to save Lumi rather than controlling someone else. I mean, I stood in the middle of the room in my own clothing and posing of my choice instead of just sitting down on a couch. When I took down a boss, I did that myself. When I saved Lumi by destroying the things corrupting the core, I did that myself. When I showed Lumi the world by showing her the photos from the Tree at the end of the game, I did that myself.

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Chaostar2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

It's a shame that games this 'different', that work so well with Kinect, don't come along enough to warrant a purchase. Since it's going to be available on Move very shortly, with a much cheaper price tag and a free t-shirt, I still don't have my reason to buy Kinect.

2633d ago
KingSlayer2633d ago

Child of Eden has always interested me. Kinect has not.

Cmpunk2633d ago

ill check this out on ps move once released! looks great