Cake and Games: Triple Infamous 2 review

infamous 2 reviewed by three people,
You are a man named Cole. You have awesome super powers. You can control electricity. And you have to save New Marais from the evil rebels and the corrupt government. Its an open world 3rd person game. Where you can climb and explore every building.

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BeastlyRig2636d ago

Played this for about 2 hours at my friends house. It's very fun game!

Moebius692636d ago

Infamous 2 has been my favourite game of the year so far

thief2636d ago

I actually didn't like it at first but after you are into the game a few hours in and the karma system and your powers get developed, it gets really awesome. I am someone who hates sandbox games but this one is different. Whisper it softly, but more fun, more fresh, and a better game than even GTA, even if it lacks the big budget and scale?

chad22hkd2636d ago

Wow i have to say I loved infamous 2 so much!!!!!!! Im so interested to see what happens to Cole in the next one!!!!!!!!

Sharty_Pants2636d ago

i loved infamous 2, man i love that game, and i like the Triple review style

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