Borderlands 2 – What we want

MMGN: Borderlands 2 has all but been confirmed and is expected to release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next year. It has got a massive reputation to live up to, following one of the best games of 2009, but we have faith that it has all the makings of a fantastic sequel if it gets the following right:

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rabidpancakeburglar2633d ago

I usually find something to scrutinise in these types of article but I want all of those things, plus maybe an improvement to the driving system.

vickers5002632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Everything in the "increased firepower" paragraph is a complete crock of sh*t.

"Sure, there were plenty of guns, but none of them made you feel like the god of hellfire."

Obviously this guy didn't play Borderlands for very long, as you don't just immediately find the best weapons in the game. I found maybe 3 powerful godlike weapons in my first playthrough, but that was because I farmed for them. Getting great weapons takes time, work, and a little bit of luck, but when you do find that special weapon, you definitely feel like "the god of hellfire", and it makes all that time you spent hunting for the perfect weapon worth it.

"hyped up to be the arsenal of the century, when it was little more than the standard action-RPG kit."

This statement is so unbelievably stupid, it doesn't even deserve a response as to why it's completely wrong.

WhiteLightning2633d ago

I'd rather them have one big map then small maps with loading screens to another small map. It would mean there could be more ways of getting around and stuff to do.

I would like character development aswell, each character in Borderlands had a reason for being on Pandora Lilth for example was too find another Siren she heard about, apparently Commander Steele was the Siren she heard about although we'll never know...but where was the interaction and quests for these reasons for being on Pandora. If I'm playing as Lilth then maybe I can seduce a guy for info to futher my mission or if I play as brick maybe I could intimidate the guy or kill him leading to differen't paths to complete my mission. While Lilth would follow the guy around and flirt with him, maybe get him drunk someone like Brick could follow him home and kill him.

To be honest Borderlands is a game where it can keep on improving. It'll be like a much more relaxed version of Elder Scrolls as the series continues. I'm pretty sure Gearbox know what they're doing :)

firemassacre2633d ago

Borderlands 2 – What we want

ill tell you what i want, time to fit in my schedule to play all of these awesome games ;)

WillGuitarGuy2633d ago

I'd like the camera to be pulled back a bit. The huge difference of a running camera switch from the almost zoomed in camera gave me a headache, even while playing the game a second time.

TravUK2633d ago

Try searching for the Borderlands Advanced Config Tool. Let's you chance the FoV ;)

WillGuitarGuy2633d ago

I didn't play BL on a PC though.

fOrlOnhOpe572633d ago

Im sure that Gearbox are a 'listening' company and will very much have taken note of the forum feedback.
They found the right formula for Borderlands , imho, and now need to build on that. I have a feeling that Borderlands 2 / Borderworlds? will be one of 2012 biggest hits.

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