Hey Developers, We Don't Want "Identical Experiences"

VelocityGamer Writes: Everybody is thinking it and nobody is saying it. I can prove it too. For good or ill, gamers do not want an "identical experience" from their multiplatform games.

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nolifeking2686d ago

Yes you do. Consider what people actually buy and try and have this discussion.

Hufandpuf2686d ago

I do, if i'm paying the same amount of money, i want the same content everyone else is paying for.

Bolts2686d ago

Then don't play games on the console. It's the only platform where you pay more to get less.

Hufandpuf2686d ago

that really depends on what games you buy. for example, Left 4 Dead or the Orange Box (all PC centric games but are multiplat). Or Call of Duty, a multiplatform game, but is better on console.

KING852686d ago

I agree with the author on this one. Games should be pushed to the limit on either console and if it happens that one is "superior" then so be it. Each console has its strengths and developers should therefore utilize those strengths. If you're not going to dumb down the PC version then stop dumbing down console versions for the sake of the other.

Cpt_kitten2686d ago

i like games where the experience is always different, heavy rain, mass effect, elder scrolls...really fun to talk discuss with friends and see what happened to them in certain spots

but it really depends on the game, Final Fantasy wouldn't be quite right if the experience was different same with FPs's, unless in an fps you could lose battles and have to regroup and figure out a new plan or get captured and have to escape that would be different

aPerson2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

That has nothing to do with what the article is about.

Cpt_kitten2686d ago

dont care still experiences in video games

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