'Mists of Pandaria' Trademarked by Blizzard

The title of the next World of Warcraft expansion may have been revealed, courtesy of a recent trademark filing from Blizzard Entertainment. Spotted first by MMO-Champion, the company trademarked "Mists of Pandaria." The filing covers, among other things, computer game software; computer game discs; and downloadable computer game software.

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Arthas2660d ago

Well this will bring the race everyone has been asking for for years. The pandaren. Does this mean monks will be a new class?...

SuperStrokey11232660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Well maybe i will finally try WoW once this comes out if they do a bundle where all the previous stuff is included. Ive always wanted to but could never really find anyone to play with. Might slog through it myself.

Spinal2659d ago

I dont care about new races but id love to see a monk class added