3DS in Jeopardy?

Nintendo's 3DS seduced us with its flashy glasses-free 3D visuals, then its software lineup left us feeling empty. What steps does "The Big N" need to take to restore our faith in the handheld console before Sony sweeps us of our feet and into its arms with the PlayStation Vita?

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motherboop2725d ago

A good refresh/relaunch may just be what this console needs. From my perspective, there just isn't a reason to choose 3DS over Vita, which is exactly why I'm holding out, even with the insane price cut.

axisofweevils2725d ago

I really don't see the problem with the console design. It's almost exactly the same size as my DS Lite.

thebudgetgamer2725d ago

i hope it gets a daily double.

meganick2725d ago

Geez, every day I go on this site, there's like 5 new "3DS is doomed" articles. It reminds me of what the PS3 had to go through during its first couple years. Give it a rest people.