Dead Island | 9 New Wallpaper Screen Captures

Get a load of our Dead Island screenshots and wallpapers gallery! Here are the latest screencaps and artworks from the game direct from Square Enix. Is it just us, or do a few of these remind you of DOOM 3? Well regardless, many of these awesome captures will make just the perfect desktop wallpaper if you um, work in a liberal environment go ahead and snap them up!

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SpaceSquirrel2631d ago

I can't wait for DI. Four-player co-op will be a blast.

gameguidedog2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

These shots look awesome right? :)

JerryMatters2631d ago

Woot! Deep Silver has my cash fo sho!!

wirapuru2631d ago

Wallpapers for a 98' Pentium MMX or I'm too asleep to find a higher resolution than 640x480. Nice screenshots though.

JerryMatters2631d ago

lol, legit, but hey it's what they got. You can always uprez them in photoshop