Why Mass Effect 3′s New Blonde FemShep is a Disappointment

Why the new FemShep being blonde is such a big thing to some fans, and what the new fair-skinned, blonde Commander Shepard means to me against what we could have had.

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ChrisW2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

When I think of FemShep's voice, I think they should've just used the default FemShep from ME1 and ME2... Though my character looked more like Lucy Liu. Nonetheless, there was absolutely nothing wrong the default and there is a lot wrong with this blonde poll-dancer.

DeadlyFire2725d ago

You guys do know Female Shepard is customizable just like male Shepard. So blonde isn't the only option. Relax a little. Its not being forced at you or anything. Just customize. Its not a bad thing to actually use your creativity you know. Everyone has it inside them. Just open up and learn to tweak it.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2725d ago

This article and your "pole dancer" comment are ridiculous.
The author talks about the many negative stereotypes that women have had to endure over time, then proceeds to stereotype blondes. Apparently blondes can't command, blondes can't kill collectors, or shoot a krogen in the face.
There was a vote. Femshep 5 won. Isn't it insulting to the gamers who voted to assume they did so only because they are brainwashed hornytoads mindlessly gravitating toward some societal standard of beauty?

All this hate toward femshep 5 seems to be people projecting their negative high school experiences onto a generic avatar. This is evidenced by the tweet in the article proclaiming femshep 5 as "the popular girl." Which is kind of insane. She has the same face as all the other avatars. She just has different colored hair.
Sorry for the rant. I just don't get this. Maybe the detractors are right. Maybe this shep won because she is blonde, and the mostly male voters voted with their crotch, I don't know.
What I do know is you shouldn't deride the way people perceive something (like blonde hair) when you yourself perceive it the same way.
It's like saying I hate racism...and Eskimos!

gamingdroid2726d ago

People voted already....

That said, why is this turning into a feminist marketing campaign. After all Bioware is trying to sell a game, not fight women's right.

What happened to these feminist involvement prior to and during the contest? They all had their chance....

EmperorDalek2726d ago

If you don't like it, import your one from ME2 or create one.

ChrisW2726d ago

That's not the point and of course I'm going to import my save file. The point is that this poll-dancer is supposed to represent FemShep.

Urrakia342726d ago

No, ultimately you get to choose who represents FemShep. I also don't really see how this rendition of FemShep resembles a "pole-dancer."

starchild2726d ago

A woman having blonde hair doesn't mean she is a pole dancer. And in no other way does she resemble a pole dancer.

I think she is as good as the male version. Most people probably create their own character anyway.

MidnytRain2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )


Maybe it's the heavy make-up she appears to be wearing. I don't know - the combination of everything, including the messy, stringy-looking hair does kinda make her look like a pole dancer.

Come to think of it, most of them look like pole dancers, lol. Hmm... the Rihanna one seems to have wider hips than the rest...

Xelestial2726d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

The point of the entire article is how the world will perceive this FemShep and what that might mean for women. Whether BioWare likes it or not, this is an important step for women, especially for women who work in the games industry.

It doesn't matter that she is blonde, it matters that FemShep now has a stereotypical "standard of beauty" look even though she is not a stereotypical character, and the average person has certain connotations about stereotypes. It is unfortunate, but one must be aware of these connotations in order to understand how most people will perceive things.

As for myself, I customize my own character like most players, but we know who the world will think of when they think of FemShep, so it does matter to some of us.

GrooveMachine2726d ago

GJ BIOWARE, Cos Im certain when everyone hears jennifer hale they think of barbie, should have let the female contingent of ME players choose what she looks like.

ChrisW2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )


For those who don't know what Jennifer Hale looks like, here's a link. BTW, she looks like she could kick that blonde FemShep's arse any day.

Charmers2726d ago

Nope I don't think of "Barbie" when I hear Jennifer Hales voice. I think of my strong independent BLONDE femshep. I think it is great that No.5 is winning TO ME she is the closest match to how I would picture FemShep.

As for only letting the female contingent vote that is ridiculous. It might interest you to know that FemShep is played by quite a few MALE gamers too. The primary reason being a lot of guys get fed up with playing "generic space marine with a bald head" and of course Jennifer Hale's excellent voice work.

Not to mention that the winner of this contest will appear on the Collectors Edition. So even if you aren't a FemShep player you should have a say because she is going to be on YOUR Collector Edition box.

In short anyone that has an interest in the Mass Effect universe should vote. If that means your preferred choice loses then that is the way the cookie crumbles I am afraid.

rick46912726d ago

Another FemShep article. For god's sake guys get a life. Whats with the damn obssession with this?

Xelestial2726d ago

I had an opinion and I get paid to write.

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