Creators strive for emotion in making 'Battlefield 3'

(CNN) -- Military-style, first-person shooter video games typically emphasize tactics and group play to achieve objectives. But a high-profile game due out this fall wants to break the mold by bringing story to the forefront.

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Cmpunk3739d ago

if you want emotion just have all the soldier's in a ship at the end then it crash's then play the titanic theme song

you've got gold

CanadianTurtle3739d ago

Emotion? In a battlefield game? Thats a first.

No really, it is. Because I always thought the BF games had dull campaigns, but good online. Its good they are taking a step to change a part of that

JellyJelly3739d ago

I hate when developers talk about trying to make their games emotional. It usually ends up incredible cheesy, as in Gears of War 2 (I laughed out loud at the corny voice acting in the 'Dom situation'.

Still, props to them if they pull it off. Personally, I think it's more about creating an immersive world and having an allround great story with believable characters that makes it 'emotional' to gamers.

Caleb_1413739d ago

It's a risky strategy - if they can pull it off, which I sincerly hope they can, I will applaude them.

However if it turns cheesy or corny I will be quite annoyed - to create an emotional experience you need to flesh out the characters and understand their personality, include a few cutscenes where you acquaint yourself with other characters for example. There has to be the right balance though; we don't want it playing out like a movie now do we? They should develop the characters throughout the game and keep them consistent - they shouldn't flit us between different perspectives (even though I know that's what they're doing anyway) as we won't have time to connect with other characters.