The Five Most Annoying Final Fantasy Characters Ever

When a game has tons of characters in it, like Final Fantasy does, there are your stand outs; and then there are your standaways. Some characters are truly annoying, so annoying that you have to look away from their dialog boxes. Here are five of those characters.

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TheFodi2686d ago

How could Vivi possibly annoy you? And Cloud is one of the best Final Fantasy characters.

Calidreth2686d ago

Sometimes those quiet characters can be annoying though. Also I agree with you on Hope, easily the most annoying FF character ever.

rmoar2686d ago

Hope is the worst of the worst, he is the epitome of the annoying Final Fantasy character.


2. hope
3. Hope
4. HoPe
5. HopE

SquareEnixFan2686d ago

This is an accurate most annoying Final Fantasy character list.

chidori6662686d ago

Cloud,hope,Tidus... all fucking annoying a LOT.

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