EVO: Ono Discusses Cole in Street Fighter X Tekken, PS Vita Development

Posted by Sid Shuman: While the world’s greatest fighters were trading blows during EVO, I was scrambling to trade words with top fighting game developers who attended the tournament. In recent years, Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono has become the face of the legendary Street Fighter series and he was on-site showing off the upcoming crossover Street Fighter X Tekken. I wanted to pick his brain concerning his friendly rivalry with Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada, his thoughts on PS Vita development, and why he chose inFAMOUS frontman Cole as an exclusive special guest for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Cereal2636d ago

I hope they have his appearance from the first game as an alternate costume.

Urrakia342636d ago

They'll probably sell it as DLC.

killcycle2636d ago

They wouldn't show it before the games release if they plan it as DLC.

It'll be there on release exclusively for Playstation

Urrakia342636d ago

@killcycle - I'm talking about the alternate costume, not the character itself.

Etseix2636d ago

HOLY SH*T Capcom is way to greedy to give free snacks!?

lol, i liked the interview, mmm interesting thing he said
"how awesome it would be if SCE, Capcom and Sucker Punch could get together and do something really cool"

Sevir042636d ago

yep, that piped my interest a whole lot! a convergence of talent like capcom's ono and sony's now own sucker punch teaming up for something awesome would be sick.

Etseix2636d ago

thats the most interesting thing in the article followed by the "Marvel Vs DC" game. <- i want this to happen./ (as a fan )

Close_Second2636d ago

Phew, thank goodness for dual analogs :P

MasterCornholio2636d ago

"And we’re looking at ways to link to the PS3 version as well to get you into the habit of leading a double-life of Street Fighter X Tekken. When you’re out of the house, you play it on PS Vita and then you come home, turn on your PS3 and keep going."

Good to see that they are pushing connectivity between the Vita and PS3.

Ddouble2635d ago

DC VS Marvel would be one HYPE game if it ever happens.

I like the interview though. Ono just seems ambitious, I hope they can get together and work with Sucker punch, that would be sick.

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