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Player Affinity writes: "Anyone that has a significant interest in video games has no doubt heard of the minds behind Shadows of the Damned. Shinji Mikami, Suda 51 and Akira Yamaoka have been involved in some of the most influential games of all time throughout their careers so it’s surprising that this game has just snuck up on everyone the way it has. The reasons for that become clear upon jumping in, however. This just isn’t a game that you can sell in the traditional manner; you simply have to experience the utter craziness of Shadows of the Damned to really appreciate it. That craziness is found in every aspect of the game – the characters, weapons, enemies, art style – and feel like they’ve been ripped out of an "Evil Dead" era horror movie that never got made."

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disturbing_flame2660d ago

This game was indeed a pleasure to play. Only for core players and Zombies lover.