1 vs. 2: The Great Mass Effect Debate

PlanetXbox360: "The Mass Effect trilogy stands as the premiere RPG series for the Xbox 360. The final installment is not due to hit shelves until early 2012, but there is much hope and anticipation surrounding Mass Effect 3. The first two games are critically acclaimed successes, but some of us here at PlanetXbox360 have different opinions about which game is better. Many improvements were made transitioning from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2, but there was also some cool stuff that was left behind. To settle which game is better, writers Zach Pint (defending Mass Effect 1 and the Mako) and Kimberley Wallace (defending Mass Effect 2 and mining planets) have decided to throw down and argue which Mass Effect title is the best so far."

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Raven_Nomad2632d ago

I definitely preferred Mass Effect 1's story telling and RPG elements, but I liked Mass Effect 2's gameplay and easier controls. Both are fantastic and it's easily my favorite RPG series this generation.

I am currently replaying both Mass Effects in order to get my perfect save to import to the third game next year.

Epedemic2632d ago

ME1. ME2 reminded me of a filler episode of an anime. Not to mention, taking away some elements that made ME1 great was also a turn off. I mean who would rather mine planets than actually explore them?

Dude4202632d ago

Same thing for me for what I liked better. However, while Mass Effect 2's soundtrack was pretty damn good, I found ME 1's soundtrack better. I just found that it suited the setting much better than the epic orchestra they put on for the second game.

Solid_Snake-2632d ago

i think we can all say we enjoy a good mass debate.

starchild2632d ago

They are both amazing games, but I have to say that I like the first Mass Effect a little more. As others have pointed out, the first one had more RPG elements. They both had great storytelling and action gameplay.

One other thing that some people don't seem to acknowledge is that the first one actually had better graphics. I am not talking about the console versions because on the 360 the second game definitely ran better than the first one in terms of screen tearing, framerate and texture pop-in.

But on the PC the first game was just beautiful. There is no screen tearing, slow down or crappy texture pop-in, and it just looks very nice. The textures are the main thing that I noticed got downgraded in Mass Effect 2. The textures and art are just a little bit less detailed in the second one. Things look just a little flatter and more simplistic. It's not a huge difference, but I noticed it immediately when I first started playing the second game, and I am surprised not very many other people have talked about it.

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Foxgod2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

ME1 for those who like the extra rpg elements.
ME2 for me, as ME2 is more polished, and the gameplay really improved in it.

I wouldnt mind to have some features from ME1 in ME3 tho, such as equipable armors.
And even with the fact that ME2 removed some features it had in the first one, ME2 still felt like a very nice improvement to me.

Da One2632d ago

ME1 = more rpg-ish
ME2 = more actiony

ME1 for me

EmperorDalek2632d ago

Although liked the amount of weapons and main story in part 1, part 2 had better characters, combat, side stories and exploration IMO.

UltimaEnder2632d ago

Great new feature, keep it up!

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