Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Preview [Game Revolution]

"Being a Metal Gearhead (a phrase I’m amazed nobody’s coined yet), I’ve mused about the series, posing and answering tough questions to myself: How did the nanomachines in Liquid’s arm somehow change Ocelot’s voice box? How did Fortune really stop those missiles in MGS 2? And why the hell does Johnny Sasaki keep eating food that gives him the runs?" ~Josh Laddin

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dbjj120882686d ago

I'm getting pretty desperate for new games on the 3DS. This will definitely be on the list.

TryingToHabeeb2686d ago

As a fellow "Metal Gearhead", MGS3 is hands down my favorite game of the series.

I'm bummed about the delay but I know the extra time will be well spent on development.

stormeagle62686d ago

The sad thing is that if they miss the holiday season release window, that's yet another hit the 3DS is gonna be taking on the chin.

Shnazzyone2685d ago

Oh god i want this game now. Please tell me by 2012 they mean just after christmas to take advantage of all the consoles that will be out there.