RAGE: Five very important things we've learned from the opening two hours

There are certain things that everybody probably now knows about Rage. It's the first 'proper' game in seven years from Doom creator id Software. It's a post-apocalyptic shooter. It looks a lot like Borderlands. It's one of the most beautiful games ever to exist thus far. All that, you probably know. David Houghton knew it, going into his lengthy hands-on session the other day, but one simple piece of knowledge eluded him. He had one simple, but very important question. What the hell does Rage actually feel like to play?

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EazyC2687d ago

If the recent previews are anything to go by, this will kick ass.

ElementX2687d ago

It's id, how can it not kick ass?

FlareDReborn2687d ago

I will get this after i concur bF3.

blumatt2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

While I "concur" with your statement, I believe you meant to say "conquer". lol

I might pick this game up. Haven't made my mind up yet. I know there's lots of other games that take priority though (Battlefield 3, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, etc.)

Grimhammer002687d ago

I read a was very unimpressed. Other than the beautiful's like bioshock without plasmids, borderlands without the rpg slant, call of duty without competitive mp, fallout without the emphasis on character development...

I hope it is dies have a magic the gathering style collectible card game in-game....that's awesome!

I remember reading it had no mp at all....but that's unimaginable from Id in this day and age..

juggulator2687d ago

I'm willing to be my life that they don't fix the pop-in on the PS3 version.

IRetrouk2687d ago

yeah it will probs be screwed over yet again by another company that fails to actually learn how to code properly and take advantage of the tech inside the system, then again there is still the 360 and pc version to buy if it really is that bad

Jocosta2687d ago

ID does not how to code properly? Did you think that just maybe its the limitations of the Ps3? Nope, nevermind.

Livin_in_a_box2687d ago

If you mean graphical limits, then the 360 obviously has less power- we all know that now, it's just some developers have trouble with the architecture, and that's probably what's happening here. I hope they get it fixed but I'll probably get it on PC or 360 anyway.

Bladesfist2687d ago

@IRetrouk Do you honestly think that? If this many developers have problems with the PS3 maybe its the PS3's fault? Especially because were talking about Carmack as he programmed the engine and lead the development of rage.

IRetrouk2687d ago

@ bladesfist
we all know most multis dont use the ps3 strengths properly, usualy the games are just ports of the other versions and thats where the problems come from,

i said that they dont know how to code properly to take advantage of the ps3, am i wrong?

i dont mean the graphics really but how the game runs and loads the code, if there is texture pop in then why? if its not in the other two versions then something is wrong, my opinion is that they are not codeing the ps3 version to its strenths.

Livin_in_a_box2686d ago

I meant to reply to jacosta with my other post, sorry. I agree, loads of developers don't code the PS3 to its strengths and it's incredibly annoying.

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beavis4play2687d ago

you'd bet your life on that?

jetlian2687d ago

the n4gamers that know more than devs lol!!! Gears 3 clearly beat uncharted 3, crysis 2 clearly runs and plays better on 360. Now we're seeing it on rage and ps3 fans still hanging on to the notion its devs fault all 3 top of the line games.

Its ps3 and nothing else. You think devs purposly downgrade for the sake of it

Livin_in_a_box2687d ago

How does Gears 3 clearly beat Uncharted 3? They are 2 completely different art styles- you really can't compare them. I'm sick of people that do.

And you're clearly a 360 fanboy by that so stop trolling and grow up. The PS3 does have more graphical power than the 360, but now they're both very outdated now compared to PC technology.

Bladesfist2687d ago

Saying graphical power and consoles in the same sentence is a joke nowadays.

NuclearDuke2687d ago


That was hillarious :)

jetlian2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

a 360 fanboy. Fact is these games are running better on 360. And in order to make a game work on ps3 they the devs downgrade.

Biggest thing most ps3 fans say devs are lazy! explain the extra work they have to do just to downgrade?

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