ButtonCombo: Gameplay or Graphics?

It’s a question that Nintendo brought to the table when they released their innovative new console, Wii. Whilst technology giants Microsoft and Sony made their consoles with higher specifications in mind, namely graphics, Nintendo (one of the first gaming companies) in the opposite direction and instead focused their energies on the way the player interacts with the game, through the controller.

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ashbc2727d ago

Care to elaborate more?

gravemaker2727d ago

because it's only thing that always evolving and changing. Gameplay are (mostly) always identical, especially in shooters. So graphics for me are more important.

MaxXAttaxX2727d ago

I'm sorry, but the Wiimote(motion controls) don't make gameplay any better.

However, gameplay is still more important to me.

-Alpha2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )


Maybe not motion considering certain limitations, but touch screen is something that pushed gameplay. The fact that the DS was able to push such an incredible library on limited graphical technology shows how valuable gameplay is over graphics


If gameplay isn't evolving or changing, how does that make graphics better? Sure, graphics are getting better, but gameplay is actually getting worse sometimes because of such a focus on graphics and selling games based on face value.

thugbob2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Is it not possible to have both?

If a game has bad gameplay with good graphics, I'm not buying it.

If a game has bad graphics with good gameplay, I'm not buying it.

If graphics are not important then why improve? Why not leave games with 16-bit graphics and just improve upon the gameplay. Developers would save a lot of money if they do this and consumers wouldn't have to shell out $60 for a new game. I always ask this question and get no response.

Graphics and gameplay are equally important in my opinion.

MaxXAttaxX2726d ago

The touch screen definitely has its uses.

Motion controls, to me, only offered another way to explore gameplay. But I don't feel it really made it any better.
There are some games I wish it didn't force me to use them.

But again, yes, gameplay is always first.

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pr0digyZA2727d ago

Why can't we have both?
Honestly though it will be gameplay, but that shouldnt give developers reason to not try improve the look of their game. They must realize first impressions count.

vglulz2727d ago

Striking a balance is important. You can have all the fancy graphics you want but if your game sucks, you can't hide it.

I wish the Wii had a little more power so it could have sustained itself for another 2 years. Not including HD really has crippled them in the long run.

Jejojaja2727d ago

For me it's gameplay, graphics improves the experience but gameplay makes it.
Now that ninty enters the HD era (finally) i expect to see some great games from them.

Peaceful_Jelly2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Nintendo are smart with their designs but their gameplay hasn't evolved that much when you think about it. Is just people jumping on the bandwagon saying: "OMGz Nintendo's the gameplay innovatorz" when that's clearly false.

How much has Zelda evolved since OoT?
How much has Pokemon evolved since Red/Blue?

What made Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy was its setting apart from that the game was more or less the same thing as Mario 64. The Fire Emblem series is now in 3D but plays exactly as the old games on the Snes.

Jejojaja2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Im not quite sure how you mean, sounds like you want a entirely new game before it can be considered evolved, if they gave Mario a machine gun in galaxy would that be evolving?
then you can say that Fps's hasnt evolved at all or platformers or any other kind of game, since you still jump platform to platforn, and still shoot your enemies from a first person perspective etc etc.

pokemon and fire emblem i dont know about, but dont you think the WiiU opens up quite alot of possibilities when it comes to "evolving"?

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