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Why is motion control gaming so ubiquitous? Is motion control gaming good or bad for the industry? Sit back and relax as I give you my thoughts on why motion control gaming is popular and how it has changed the industry.

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Ardorme2634d ago

Anything that helps broaden the audience for games is a good thing.

specialguest2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

This is one part of the evolution of the gaming industry and its growth. Video games used to only appeal to the kids-teen(and some gaming geeks)demographics. With the arrival of the current gen came the strong 24-35 age range demographics. Now we have motion gaming which introduced the moms, seniors, and more females playing games.

In the near future, everyone will be gaming in one form or another. Motion gaming doesn't necessarily mean "hardcore" games will be dumb down to a gimmicky style of gaming. KZ3 proved that motion gaming could be done right.

Horny Melon2634d ago

It isn't so popular. It was new when the Wii came out. Now everyone's wii is sitting there collecting dust. The rest of the industry saw how good the wii sold and not one person on the inside thought, "You know this is possibly just a trend" There are only so many gaming types you can play withb motion control and a time limit on how long you can play them.

Now that gaming's ball are thoroughly in the grip of "share holder value" every copy is trying to figure out how to make more money without, you know, making better games. Instead they are exploring gimmicks (motion control, 3d, and now multitouch) and schemes (see DLC, Diablo 3 market place, online pass) and chasing after customers that have lower expectations and trying to turn these people from $2 a game players into $60 a game players.

Brasi822634d ago

My Wii is not collecting dust sire! I am a clean person and I play my Wii quite often! XD

PSjesus2634d ago

Not any more motion controller is so 07

gcolley2634d ago

motion controls could bring on another video game crash if all consoles start to rely on it and then casual gamers get over it all at once. exactly the same as last time, when shovelware outweighs quality games.

on the other hand, the exposure to non-gamers/casuals keeps the negative media at bay somewhat because video games are no longer alien and misunderstood to these people.

naiyo2634d ago

If it wasn't for motion controls like PSmove and Wiimote i wouldn't have ever touch CoD, Socom, Killzone, Resistance, MAG, Driver, FarCry, RedSteel and lots more. I hated these types of games with the DS but with motion i really enjoy them. Point to shoot/ camera move function controls better for me. I use to just play cinematic games like RE, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, ZoE and some JRPG. I wish more of those games use motion controls more. I'm loving RE5 with the move. I don't play anything now without motion controls.