UGO: Top 11 Indie Games

The mainstream gaming machine is nearly all-powerful; it marches through the forest of the gaming world buying up or stomping down everything in its path. The machine takes pride in never rocking the boat, rarely taking a risk, and only once in an eon giving players something new. When games came of age developers took risks every time they created a new title, creating the same genres [that gamers are] still hacking and slashing through. Where are the genre-inventing auteurs today? They're in the indie games community. Indie games have been around as long as gaming, early developers working alone in garages or basements around the world designing levels and characters by day, writing millions of lines of code at night. For a great many folks that system never changed, and today UGO salutes the best of them, and speaks with some of the people behind them.

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iilluminate4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Content is good but why do they only show 2 paragraphs per page? Talk about increasing page impressions artificially.

Mr Robot is a good indie game, there's quite a few out these days. It's a shame they're largely restricted to the PC but hopefully PSN and XBL Arcade start to become more viable options for those without a budget.

MK_Red4000d ago

They should have mentioned Knytt stories instead of original Knytt. It's much longer.

But at least the king is there. N!!!
Anyone who calls him/herself a gamer HAS to play this masterpiece.