PSX-Sense: Why the Vita will kick Nintendo out of the game

PSX-Sense writes: We all know the PS Vita is a good opponent for the Nintendo 3DS, but what about for the Wii U? Can Sony's recently announced controller functionality for the Vita put Nintendo out of business?

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fluffydelusions2638d ago

Vita is awesome indeed but Nintendo name brands e.g. mario, zelda etc will keep them in the game.

ShinMaster2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

That's the thing.
It's always Mario, Zelda, Pokemon....and then hundreds of casual games.

Yes I'm exaggerating. But when you go to the store and look at the DS/Wii section, that's what we see.

MaxXAttaxX2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

That may be so, but Sony won't "kick Nintendo out of the game".

Sony took a chance with the PSP and managed to get 70 mil units sold worldwide. It didn't "beat" the DS sales-wise, but it successfully broke into the handheld market.
Now with the PS Vita, Sony is coming in strong, guns blazing.

3DS may definitely have a harder time than its predecessors. But Nintendo itself won't be out of the game.

darthv722638d ago

true...they were able to crack the shell and actually go further than others that also cracked the shell that is nintendo handheld dominance.

Sega game gear and even the atari lynx were two just such systems. Where they faltered was no followup. Sony is releasing a followup and with that it can only get better.

The notion that one will kick the other out of the game is just too fanboyish of a view. There is room for both.

Brasi822638d ago

Actually I see a lot of RPG's on the DS. So I disagree.

Zardos2638d ago

Nope, without the first party franchises from Nintendo, Sony doesn't have a chance of turning them into SEGA.

MaxXAttaxX2638d ago

Well those first party franchises didn't help the N64 and GameCube too much against the PS1 which came out with brand new franchises and PS2.

But then again, Sony didn't really kick "Nintendo out of the game".

Zardos2636d ago

And now that the Vita will skip the holiday season (and all it's sales) in Europe and Japan... well, they'll start with a 6-7 million gap (or higher) to close in on.

Beetey2638d ago

As much as I would love Nintendo to become a third party developer, its not happening. Not soon at least.

axisofweevils2638d ago

As I've said before, even if the Vita and PS3 could do everything the Wii U could do, you would still have to buy 2 systems and possibly 2 games to get the same functionality as 1 system and 1 game.

Also, developers are lazy. Not everyone that owns a PS3 has a Vita, so they won't waste time including features that only half their audience will enjoy. Everyone that buys the Wii U will have the controller, so that can be taken into account.

Compare the situation to the Wiimote and Move. Is the PSMove capable of everything the Wiimote can do? Yes. But how many good games have been released for it?

PSVita2638d ago

there are 50 million ps3 out in the wild so hardly anyone would need to buy both systems.

Also you won't have to buy both come on does anyone honestly believe that, copy and paste people.

If the vita takes off just like the kinect, devs will jump to work on it and remember the moves only been out for a few months and is getting way more support then the wii did from third party devs and the wii's been out for like 6 years.

DNov2638d ago

Actually, since the PS3 only has Bluetooth and Wifi, and not an independent wireless transmitter, you won't be able to play graphics extensive games with both. And seriously? You have to buy both games because you can't run a PS3 game on the PS Vita, so you would have to buy another copy, just to play on the go. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of using the Vita as a portable controller? The only upside is you can keep playing the same game on the go with achievements. Lol at last sentence. The Move sold only 9 million pieces of hardware, as apposed to 80 million Wiis. 3rd party would rather spend time on the Wiimote because every Wii owner has it, but not every PS3 owner has Move.

Misterhbk2638d ago

@ DNov
I keep seeing people say the same thing.

'you have to buy two versions of the same game...'

why is no one considering digital downloads here? Who is to say that you cann't purchase the game from the PSN store and have the ability to play it on either the PS3 or the Vita? Who is to say that buying either version of a game (ps3 or vita) in a retail store won't come with a download voucher for the other version of the game? There are plenty of other possibilities for this, and I doubt Sony is just going to stick with forcing consumers to buy the same game twice.

PSVita2638d ago

@DNOV Misterhbk already said it but as the ceo of sony stated every single title will have a digital release and few if large with have both meaning just like the psp games that are compatible with both all you have to due is copy and paste and where's the third party support at for the wii again? how'd you like ME2 for the wii or Batman:AA or red dead or GTA 4 etc. etc. wii isn't even getting first part support anymore. lol at you last sentence

Zardos2636d ago

The Wii U New Controller is the STANDARD controller to be included with EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE SOLD. The Vita+PS3 combo won't take off as it's not the standard control input (one is a portable, the other is a console) and you're talking about a $500 investment (at least) as well as getting a game (or maybe you need a VITA and a PS3 copy) which increases cost even more.

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Shok2638d ago

LOL! Kick Nintendo out of the HANDHELD space? xD

Journalists these days are hilarious.

Heck, they lost 2 times in a row in the console space and they're still kickin'.

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