Netflix Alternatives: Beating The Recent Netflix Price Hike

From "I’ll be cancelling my Netflix subscription today, essentially sending a Dear John letter to Netflix along with my my final disc-by-mail...But it’s not just the 50% price hike that is compelling me to tell Netflix to take a hike - it’s the fact that there are several new alternatives to Netflix that didn’t exist when I subscribed at the start of the Xbox 360’s streaming program. Some options are cheaper, while others are more convenient, so it’s important to carefully chose the best Netflix substitute based on your viewing habits."

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fluffydelusions2723d ago

The streaming service is $8 which is all I care about. I haven't seen a viable alternative tbh.

EYEamNUMBER12722d ago

if ANYONE is satisfied with that crappy streaming selection netflix has to offer then they have some sort of malfunction

seriously i cancelled my subscription because i got tired of seeing DVD ONLY an option which they took away
i don't mind price hikes at all when im getting something for em though

just_looken2722d ago


another yank fyi in the world you know those other pieces of land they have just got services like netflx and in Canada netflix is the best stream service around as far as price/content ratio.

Saladfax2722d ago

Selection isn't super amazing, but I've never found myself without something to watch. I like their TV and anime selection. Lots of good stuff.

EYEamNUMBER12722d ago


what the heck does that have to do with anything i said?

roguewarrior2722d ago

"Screw it, I'll just use BitTorrent" Funny and true.

Canvas Of Flesh2722d ago

That's hilarious. Jason Alexander is great and that video perfectly sums up the debate and casts a light on these people's massive sense of entitlement.

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SwiderMan2723d ago

The Streaming selection has been lacking. I feel like I've went through every major release and new ones slowly trickle in. I WANT the disc for that reason, but it's no longer worth $18 (with Blu-ray).

Cpt_kitten2723d ago

yeah it has been, ive gotten in the habit of finding all the low budget films those are hilarious to watch, and occasionally there is a really good one hidden in there

i think they should focus more on the instant streaming even if new releases aren't day one they should at least be on there after a month or so no reason why they can't get the rights

TBM2723d ago

i canceled the disk portion of my service streaming for 8 bucks is more than perfect for me. i find myself viewing a lot of foreign films because more times than not they are more entertaining than the movies over here.

shinrock2722d ago

there is ur problem. you only look for MAJOR a movie buff i have found some real gems on netflix streaming.i not a TV guy> too much reality shows, or show all having the same template.i like stuff like game of thrones and tudors and true blood and such,but thats why i have cable. with this price hike i assume that more content will come as Netflix themsleves have to pay to get the content to you.last i heard they were paying $100,000 per episode.thats not cheap!

sinclaircrown2722d ago

"new releases aren't day one they should at least be on there after a month or so no reason why they can't get the rights"

No reason they can't get the rights huh? Explain please.

I would really love to hear how easy it is for Netflix to make that happen. People have gotten so ignorant and think everything should be handed to them these days. Pretty sad.

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RioKing2723d ago

LOL, at the bottom of the article it says about the author "Matt Swider has been writing about video games for 12 years and received his degree is journalism from Pennsylvania State University."

Degree is journalism, lol...what a noob.

Chocoboh2723d ago

at least he has a job amirite?

RioKing2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Oh yeah I forgot, being in the Army Reserve for 4 years already and having a full-time electrician job where I work almost 50 hours a week doesn't qualified as me being employed right.

Lol, but nice try dumbass.

AAACE52722d ago

I'll just stick with the streaming. I don't care much for the disc anyway.

I do keep debating on if I want hulu plus or not. But when I did the trial, it didn't interest me much. And I probably used it about 4 hours total for the entire 1 week trial period! And most of that was used to find the shows I wanted to watch.

Canvas Of Flesh2722d ago

I agree. I managed to find a couple British shows like "Black Books" that I had been wanting to see, but there wasn't enough to keep me interested after the free trial ended. And the commercials were kind of crappy. I understand that they need the commercials and I'm willing to accept them, but they always use the same 1 or 2 commercials.

subtenko2722d ago

We as consumers need to let Netflix know they must do everything they can do keep us happy or we'll make them go the way of BLOCKBUSTER! (a company that lacked in sales because of another companys popularity)

Comeon yall, we need a plan D:

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

FamilyGuy2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

free = 550mb per 1-2hour
$35 for 6 months = unlimited everything, solid file sizes up to 14Gbs.

By "unlimited everything" I mean, I share my account with my younger bro in Arizona, I'm in California. Our current usage:

links left: Unlimited
Period Ends: Oct 31, 2011
Active Downloads: 10.07 GB
BW Used: 465.98 GB/unlimited

That's 466Gbs in 3 months so far.

50Terabytespersec2722d ago

Good point netflix is great!! for occasional Streaming,Amazing Documentaries!!!!!
Id rather go to Movies theaters for Movies, 4k digital or Imax ! can't go wrong.., Streamed movies at home at low bit rates is not my thing blocky video is not immersion and distracting IMHO.
Also about RedBOx, if your at red box everyday your and idiot. Get off your lazy arse and go get a life. And by the way yes all this does hurt the economy cause it takes away B and M stores !!!
For fat lazy people to watch 1000 plus shows a week..get reality check ...

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Godmars2902723d ago

The sad thing from the business side of things I'm hearing that Netflix started out with the typical non-viable model of most .coms. That they really don't have any other choice but to raise their prices especially now that they've made the trend popular, the content owners are not only asking for more money but making their own similar services.

And none of this changes the fact that at one point the PS3's browser could view Blip.TV and Dailymotion just like it could once view Hulu.

Drekken2723d ago

Oh boohoo for netflix. They were doing fine, got 25million customers and they can afford to pay a little more for the rights.

60% hike on something overnight is BS regardless of what it is.

frostypants2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Oh boohoo for yourself...Netflix is a business and is in it for the money.

Go find a cheaper option with the same service. There isn't one.

gamingdroid2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

If you compare Netflix to Hulu Plus, Netflix are still offering more content with no advertisment for the same price. You also get access simultaneously on multiple devices.

Nobody is still delivering what Netflix does for less, so it sounds to me more like Netflix was under priced!

Heck, I can't even get basic (read [email protected]) cable TV from Comcast for $10 a month and they charge me an installation fee!

beast242tru2723d ago

if i could of used netflix in bahamas i would pay for it no complaints

frostypants2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Even with the price hike Netflix gives far more for the money than any viable alternative. People quitting just to prove a point are being foolish.

Music subscription services charge about $15/month. And that's just music. People think that's too much for a service that lets a person rent DVDs as fast as the mail service will allow plus have unlimited streaming access? REALLY?

Talk about spoiled.

Meanwhile, it costs more than that to rent 3 or 4 movies from Live or PSN marketplaces. LOL

@Disagree: Disagreeing without explanation is nothing more than acknowledgement that you hate that I'm right.

Saryk2723d ago

Horse shit! One day I am paying $8 a month, then the next I am paying $15.99. No asking, no discussion, just in your face here you go charged my bank account. If those music sites went from $14.99 a month to $25 or $30, tons of people would quit in a heart beat!

Anyway, dropped them like a bad turd, won't go back.

moneygun22723d ago

That's funny, I read the price increase starts September 1rst, facts are in style this season. (Charged my bank account without asking?) Maybe you could focus on getting unlimited streaming of over 20,000 movies for $8 a month. Or, you could could continue to pout like some elitist crybaby. It's your money do with it as you please but false claims and attempting to downplay a company who clearly give some great value doesn't solve, or help much.

maniacmayhem2722d ago

They sent me an email waaay before sept.1 and warned me about the price hike.

I went right to Netflix and switched over to streaming only.

I've never heard of anyone getting charged before hand and not getting an email beforehand.

I smell shenanigans in your post Saryk.

lochdoun2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

It's still $8 a month. The price hike is only if you want the DVDs too. Most people stream anyway so I don't see what the big deal is. Do you really want Hulu with their huge selection of 15 shows??? lol

vickers5002722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Hulu is 10x better for new TV shows/episodes. I can get about 65-70% of the new stuff I want to watch from Hulu. With Netflix, I can only watch stuff that I've already seen. And don't get me started on the absolutely horribly atrocious movie selection on Netflix streaming (where like 85% of the movies you see on there are movies you would find at a truckstop 3 dollar dvd rack).

Netflix is okay if you aren't that much of an avid tv watcher, but for someone like me who is, I get little use out of it in terms of new stuff to watch.

Canvas Of Flesh2722d ago

I've never had any problem finding movies to watch. Of course I enjoy foreign films and films that aren't necessarily big-budget action movies. Their selection isn't all-encompassing but I've been able to see some great Korean films that are all but impossible to find in US.

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