Sony Working On “TV/Video Streaming App”

Here’s an interesting one. It looks like, based on a series of job adverts in this month’s Edge magazine, SCEE are working on a TV/video streaming service.

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fluffydelusions2635d ago

Cool. Still want to know how the one for XBL will work.

Echo3072635d ago

You mean Zune? That's already out and it actually works pretty well.

I'd like to see Sony create something similar. Instant streaming of SD/HD videos with no download required. And a library of anything I've purchased that stays up to date, even if the things I've purchased aren't on my hard drive. Allow me to select and stream anything from my library without downloading.

darthv722635d ago

at least that is what i think their media streaming service is called for music.

@battle axe below...if sony is looking to buy imax or netflix then why the rumors of them selling columbia tristar?

If anything I could see sony buying blockbuster. The streaming side of blockbuster as the brick stores have all but closed down. They could get blockbuster for a steal and integrate their streaming service into the ps3 via plus membership.

netflix is to pricey for sony right now. MS could buy them but do they really want to compete with their own zune marketplace for the same content.

Echo3072635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )


Yeah, I know about Qriocity, he mentioned XBL's service.

I don't think buying Blockbuster would work for Sony. I mean, sure they could do it but it wouldn't be any cheaper than buying Netflix in the long run. Streaming requires constant renewal of media licenses from the companies that own the movie/tv show. I would imagine the price for each license is probably the same, regardless of the of the service.

I'm sure the initial purchase would be lower for Blockbuster since they're currently in the shitter, but over the course of the next 10 years, the overall operating cost would likely be similar if they were to offer a similar selection to Netflix.

Nitrowolf22635d ago

That's cool. Wish USA Sony would do one of these

fluffydelusions2635d ago

Yeah, it seems every other country but the US gets all the good services for PS3.

darthv722635d ago

regulatory fees and such are preventing them from becoming another service to compete in the US market. Hulu and netflix can get away with it because they started on the PC first.

With recent talks about changing free over the air tv broadcasts and the limiting of speeds from IPS isnt helping things here either.

BattleAxe2635d ago

There are speculations flying around that Sony could be interested in buying IMAX and Netflix, which would be great because Sony could add a huge number of movies to the Netflix library which isn't all that great right now.

kma2k2635d ago

Wasnt this same thing posted on Saturday or Sunday of this week?

ElementX2635d ago

I believe in most places, weeks start on Monday, meaning Saturday and Sunday postings would be last week.

Kurisu2635d ago

Hopefully films for rent will be streamed from the PS Store one day, instead of having to download it first. I never use it because of the downloads, but if it was streamed I would use it a lot.

DA_SHREDDER2635d ago

hurry up my satellite contract ends in a few months. It's either you or xbl tv.

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The story is too old to be commented.