Nintendo to 3DS Owners: We Understand You May Feel 'Betrayed'

Nintendo last week surprised many of us with a sudden and significant price drop on the new 3DS handheld, which only launched in late March of this year. The $80 price drop followed a terrible quarter for Nintendo, which also slashed its annual profit estimate by more than 80%. Nintendo's stock has since fallen to its lowest in six years and President Satoru Iwata took a 50% pay cut. More recently, Iwata also issued an apology letter to existing 3DS owners.

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tunaks12634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

you are getting 20 free games...

and I'm sure ever early adopter knows they are gonna get screwed over. Never buy a handheld/system day 1 unless there is actual software you want.

Lovable2634d ago

I'm sure they really can't wait for GingerBreadMan

darthv722634d ago

serious question, because it is a standard business practice to lower the price at some point. Be that a few years or a few months.

I'd say the ones feeling betrayed are those who had no intent to purchase in the first place. Betrayed that they can't poke fun at the expense of others.

I didnt pay full price for my ps3 but when the ps3 got a price drop I didnt hear people complaining. At least.....not like they do over this.

zerocrossing2634d ago

I really do want a 3DS but there's still just nothing available for me to justify a purchase imo.

donniebaseball2634d ago

Mario Kart and the new Super Mario coming this holiday will be great.

Infernostew2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

^ woohoo! never played those games before...

@Below: Not really. Just because you add a new track, a new stage or a new character doesn't mean the game is different. See, this is why Nintendo hasn't upped their game in a long time because they can get away with this shit. People keep complaining that Call of Duty is the same every game but Nintendo always gets a free pass. I've been gaming with Nintendo since the NES and I hate to see them go this road but it's clear as day that they're in cruise control and I'd love to see them take a risk.

StarWolf2634d ago

no you havent , because they are new and unique in their own ways

radphil2634d ago

"no you havent , because they are new and unique in their own ways"

You mean a fresh coat of paint...

Rattlehead202634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

^Each game is different.

Peaceful_Jelly2634d ago

Different like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Among Thieves.

TruthbeTold2634d ago

Let's also not forget that Mario Kart doesn't come out every single year from the depths of 'To be patched Hades'.

The games may be similar, but typically there is only one per hardware generation, and there is generally a significant new way to enjoy the gameplay.

n4f2634d ago

how is modern warfare modern warfare 2 black ops and modern warfare 3 different?nothing just perk same single shut the f.. up and shoot everything

how is mario different. i dont think you getting a mario game every years and every game are not update they are new games

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Knushwood Butt2634d ago

Where's that promo photo of someone holding a 3DS and Mario popping up out of the screen.

This thread needs that photo...

Sinner101GR2634d ago

Still, the 3DS left a lot to be desired.

richierich2634d ago

20 ancient games wow I feel better already

jacksonmichael2634d ago

Newer isn't always better. Just look at Final Fantasy. Anyway, I'm pretty happy having bought day one... I had been looking for Metroid Fusion anyway.

Infernostew2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Nintendo should really let you transfer you VC games on your 3DS. That would be awesome. While I like a lot of the old games that they'll be giving 3DS owners, I'd still be pissed.

Edit: It's free but you got jipped out of $60.

jriquelme_paraguay2634d ago

and why you want a 3DS?
just play an Atari 2600... or Famicom

HeavenlySnipes2634d ago

games may have been played by many Nintendo gamers. But free is free.

Knushwood Butt2634d ago

My buddy got a 3DS about 3 weeks ago and he's pretty unhappy about the whole thing.

I don't blame him.

Still, anyone that paid that much for that outdated tech should have known better.

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wallis2634d ago

Nothing has these guys behaving in a sympathetic fashion quite like a financial arse spanking. They'd fuck your mother and have it as a cutscene in the next mario if they thought it'd make them money, but if their wallets run dry they suddenly start acting like a scolded child.

"Yeah... *twiddles thumbs*... we're sorry we fucked up by marketting a game console to the stepford wives. Are you still our friends? We'll give you free games!?"

PS360PCROCKS2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

20 free games?! WOW! Some of you are complaining they're old so it's not a great deal. You kidding me? isn't Nintendo all about nostalgia? Isn't the reason we buy their products because we grew up on their franchises and like feeling like a kid again?? I'd take 20 free games for buying a 3DS, they're getting lucky if you ask me. my $400 launch xbox and $500 launch PS3 didn't give me shit in return.

AKA2634d ago

PS3 just give me about over 10 free games
and i have got few others before like ragdoll, flow

PS360PCROCKS2634d ago

I'm talking about at launch. PSN going down doesn't count, no time during the 1st year did Sony say "ok we underestimated the economy, you paid more, here have 20 free games) this is a pretty damn good apology if you ask me.

AKA2633d ago

mmm want a logical answer to that?
i will not waste our time

nice ass lol

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