Battlelog to Include Clan Support writes, "With the videos and screenshots that have emerged so far of Battlefield 3 being nothing but impressive, it's been rather hard for fans of the series to hold in their excitement. Thanks to an article in the September issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, a detail regarding the "Battlelog" feature has been confirmed for Battlefield 3."

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xYLeinen2728d ago

How is Battlelog supposed to work with consoles?

As I understand this service it's browser based and will essentially be a site where stats, progress etc. show up and will also work as a "launcher" for the game for PC with a server list etc.

If I'm correct, how does this translate to consoles?

stickskills2728d ago

That's the information that EA has yet to reveal. I'm assuming we'll find out closer to September.

-Alpha2728d ago

Well can't you just check console stats on the PC?

-Alpha2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Let's hope that they fix the hugely annoying stat bugs that are present in BC2.

I really like the slick design. One thing they need to do is emphasize SPM over KDR. In the screen it looks as if KDR is made to be more important

STONEY42728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

It's only greyed out because it is at 0. Notice how KDR and other things with stats attached are bolded. If the SPM had a rating, it would be bolded too. And it's at the very top, which may subtly imply importance over KDR.

Unless you mean DICE/EA is making it seem important by releasing a screenshot with only KDR bolded.

-Alpha2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Both, I guess. I just hate how KDR looks bigger and has that little meter symbol, drawing attention to it.

It's minor, but I hate when the KDR whores try to keep a high KDR and go out of their way to maintain a 1+ KDR so that they can gawk at the stats screen. Not that I don't like seeing KDR, but IMO Score per Minute should be made most valuable. The game should have a dynamic ranking system that rates players based on SPM instead of rank IMO.

Shouldn't be a problem as K/D isn't shown in-game but I hope that there are interesting ways to highlight top players. For example, having a "Top Squad" or "VIP" screen post-game that factors in the person that played the objective best, etc.

stickskills2728d ago

Completely agree on the Score Per Minute issue. I value that over KDR when looking for good teammates.


Great, I like that feature.

younglj012728d ago

Man fuk EA and DICE bc I brought BC2:UE and my game dont fuking work.And they dont even know how too fix my problem and its been over a fuking week.

Only shooter I'm getting later this year is UC3 unless they fix my problem in tha next couple of days...

Klaykid1232728d ago

Would you like to tell us your specs, operating system and your game service (steam?)....?

Klaykid1232727d ago

You could try opening ports for it? What exactly is the problem on the PS3?

younglj012727d ago

Lol opening ports is not tha problem.I have open up tha ports that is in tha Manuel.I have had my router updated twice.I have done everything tha ppl at EA have told me and its still happening.

I play 3-4 minutes then I randomly get kicked.I saw on tha forums that this problem was going on when tha game was first released.I have done a UO trace.

I have been dealing with this problem for over a week and nothing have changed.

Klaykid1232726d ago

Well, Idk what to do :| search on google for your error or anything. I like it better on PC anyways but its pretty spec heavy.