The destruction of RAGE: id Software shreds away the memories

El33tonline writes:

"As id Software heads into the homestretch of development on the studio’s upcoming blockbuster first-person shooter, RAGE, it seems as though there’s a little bit of cleaning up to do before the developer can finally put the finishing touches on its game and say goodbye to almost seven years of work.

It needs to shred some memories."

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Otheros002686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Shouldn't you keep those for memories and for use as reference when making new games? Like a feature that you think was awesome but got cut due to disk space or not enough time to test/implement it.

L6RD7BLU32686d ago

True, But don't most developers keep there martial, very foolish of ID Software

ThrazN72686d ago

they probably have a lot of it copied onto computers

Pillville2686d ago

They have plenty of backups of the sources throughout the process. Backup disks, tapes, and source control systems.

The disks were just different benchmarks along the way that they could insert into the dev machines for testers.

They could make another copy of any of those disks at any time they wanted. They are just destroying them so that they don't get leaked.