Bastion In-Depth Review (BattleStrats)

The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade for 2011 officially kicks off with Bastion, the premiere title from developer Supergiant Games, and sets a high benchmark for the upcoming games in Microsoft’s summer downloadable line-up. Bastion offers fast-paced strategic combat, incredibly beautiful art direction, a healthy amount of customization, and one of the most memorable narrators in recent memory. It seamlessly combines all of these traits into a fantasy action RPG that players won’t forget anytime soon and easily ranks as one of the best downloadable games released for the platform to date.

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Neko_Mega2637d ago

Wondering if this will be coming to PS3. Limbo was ok but I just don't care for it.

suicidalblues2637d ago

I typically find the gaming library on PS3 to be better rounded than what 360 has to offer (just my thoughts). But the Bastion demo was freakin awesome. Definitely picking it up when some extra cash floats in.