Ready Up » Interview with Greg Kasavin, Writer and Creative Director of Bastion

Ready Up's Dan Bendon interviews Greg Kasavin, the Writer and Creative Director behind the recent Xbox Live Arcade hit Bastion, to find out a little more about the studio and inspiration behind the game.

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Sezzyboo2635d ago

This game looks like it has some serious potential...I may give this one a shot!

RaptureLeaking2635d ago

Okay, Bastion, you win. I'm totally getting you.

ThatGiloFella2635d ago

Despite sounding like a derogatory term, Bastion has just gone up in my estimations after reading this interview. Nice one Ready Up!

FlareUK2635d ago

It is a really great game, I've done just about everything there is to do and I still want to play more.