IGN: Why is Batman Teaming Up With Bane?

Here's our theory why these enemies are working together in Arkham City.

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rabidpancakeburglar2633d ago

Because he does what he wants, he's the god damn Batman

Anon19742633d ago

It's not unprecedented. Bane has teamed up with Batman in the comics in the past. Unfortunately I'll never be able to purge my mind of the hatchet job they did to the character in that god awful Batman abortion, Batman Forever. I've always liked the character in the comics and I've always felt he was underutilized.

jacksonmichael2633d ago

Because he doesn't want his back broken again.

antz11042633d ago

"Work with me Bane, or I'll hit you with the damn car again."

LarVanian2633d ago

"No Bane, this time I break you"

lauren72633d ago

He looks so scary in the new film :(

WhiteLightning2633d ago

Because he's not just a brute...he's pretty smart you know

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