My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Heroes

James Pungello of GamerGaia writes "For this top 10 list I have decided to countdown my 10 favorite video game heroes. These characters earn a spot on this list by being courageous, daring, strong, skilled, smart, or any combination of those that make them shine above the crowd. These characters are vital to the survival of numerous people and they are the best at what they do. I’ve only included characters from games that I have personally played."

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zerocrossing2632d ago

Well, thats certainly not my list...

zerocrossing2632d ago

It would probably be a little generic, but if I has to list 10 chars I consider heroes it would be.

In no particular order.

1(MGS. Solid/Naked Snake)

2(FF 7. Cloud Strife)

3(LOZ. Link)

4(Shadow of colossus. Wanderer)

5(Devil May Cry. Dante)

6(Metroid. Samus Aarran)

7(Odin Sphere. Gwendalyn)

8(Onimusha 1/3. Samanosuke)


10(Onimusha DoD. Soki)

Not as easy as I thought to just pick 10, but like I said this is just 10 chars I can think up right now and its just my opinion.

-Alpha2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

*****************SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS SPOILER*******************


Wanderer is not a hero. Thinks he's doing the right thing but he isn't. Driven by greed, selfishness, and stubbornness. These are not characteristics of a hero. At best, he is an anti-hero


********************SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS SPOILER*******************

zerocrossing2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

double post...

pungello882632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Cool list, I haven't played any of those game series myself (I really need to pick up a copy of one of the FF games or the Metal Gear games or Zelda, I'm really behind the 8 ball on that one). It isn't easy to just pick 10 is it :)

zerocrossing2632d ago

Thanks :) Yeah any FF or MGS games are worth playing though MGS 3 Snake Eater is my fave, FF 10 or 13 is a good if your new to the FF franchise or dont have alot of time to game. It sure is Iv been gaming since the nes so I have a few to choose from lol :)

Ducky2632d ago

A few odd choices (can't say I've ever considered Marlowe or Soap to be heroes) but not bad.

Was a bit surprised on not seeing Ezio, seeing as how the page's background has him. =p

pungello882632d ago

Haha yeah I don't have anything to do with the page background, Marlowe and Soap might not be traditional heroes like Commander Shephard or Master Chief but they are heroes in their own right