Notch Calls Unlimited Detail Videos a Scam

Notch: "Perhaps you’ve seen the videos about some groundbreaking “unlimited detail” rendering technology? [...] Well, it is a scam."

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Cal6642636d ago

He makes a fair point but we won't know for sure until the game devs get hold of the tech.

Aggesan2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

As a 3D-programmer I can't do anything but agree with what Notch says. I've been thinking about the problem of the insane amount of data needed to do something like this all along. Obviously a scam. Also, the 1 byte of data that notch mentions that would be needed to save the translation of an atom is very optimistic.

Pikajew2636d ago

If Notch said it, it must be true. After all he did create one of the greatest games

theonlylolking2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Minecraft is a piece of crap compared to most games. The game is repetitive to no end. Get resources, build, get resources, build, then fight off the creepers and repeat.

We still do not know if notch is right or not about his theory. Did he work on it?

In time we will know the truth.

ultrapepe2636d ago

What? None of that is even remotely relevant. Read his blog for christ sake.

agentxk2636d ago

He said it for the lulz

coolasj2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Someone, must've lost his new diamond pickaxe in lava T_T

BeastlyRig2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Minecraft is awsome! But you sound like one of those "If Kojima says it it must be true" kind of people..

agentxk2636d ago

Like I said before, until this is used in a practical application,, it is just a fancy tech demo

dragonelite2636d ago

Uuh notch is right in concept Minecraft is also kinda like a voxel render those cube.

And the math behind it is in notch's page.
Don't even think avatar used that much ram.

xtremegamerage2636d ago

I thought it looked crap tbh.

Awful shadows and crap lighting.


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