Did EA Hand Modern Warfare 3 The Victory?

With the news that Battlefield 3 will be using EA's pass system in some fashion, has the potential battle between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 just been decided?

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Godchild10202634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I don't see how the pass will help BF3 sell better or worst. No one mentioned COD elite and how it will hurt MW3 sales (mentioned in this article). Even though COD Elite is an optional service. Also if you buy the game new, it won't hurt the gamer playing the game online.

People still buy Sports game year after year and those have online passes. The most recent one is NCAA Football 2012. SO to say that EA handed over a victory that neither Company has, is a little absurd. We sale see which game is worth it come to the respective release dates.

I'm sure Dice will have something where you can play the MP for like 48 hours to a week if you don't have the online pass. Most EA games are like that. The most recent one I've played was NFS:HP where you could play the MP for 48 hours.

GameTavern2634d ago

The difference, as you stated, is

1) Call of Duty Elite is completely optional to EVERYONE who buys the game. BF 3 pass is needed if you borrow, rent or buy used. Which limits, the amount of people who can play online.

2) Most of those sports games really don't have any competition, and its only been a year since the passes have been in place, maybe sales will start to sag.

3) Your final point is valid. Perhaps, they will have a method to give people a sampling of the game, before they have to pay, but it still does hurt when you are the underdog. And you handicap yourself like this.

ddkshah2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

EA has dedicated servers which cost money. Activision does NOT thus ea has a right to online passes. COD games are always and will always be p2p unless Acti gets their heads straightened out ;)

LOGICWINS2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

@ddkshah- I think Acti has there heads in the right place. Why spend money on dedicated servers when the majority of the COD community doesn't care about dedicated servers?

COD games have been selling more and more each year since COD4..WITHOUT dedicated servers.

Consider this analogy, ur running a hotdog business and when you give the hotdog to the customer, u give it to them in a napkin...not a paper plate.

If you continuously sell more hot dogs every year for 3 years..then why add the extra expense of paper plates when your customers obviously don't care?

Business 101: If the majority of customers don't complain about it, don't waste time/money fixing it.

BattleAxe2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


The funny thing is that P2P on CoD has worked alot better then EA's servers have for years. EA has some of the worst servers around. Even their own website doesn't work properly alot of the time. I'm willing to bet that the complaints about EA's servers will be the same as they always have, with rubber banding happening frequently, lag and people getting booted out of games. It happened with BC 1+2, and it will happen again.

ddkshah2634d ago

p2p works better really? I always have an issue with good days/bad days on cod. In bad company 2 i never had that problem.

Logic the majority of the people don't know what dedicated servers are. All they know about is lag/no lag.

COD has the BIGGEST lag complaints of any game plus host issues advantage etc...

Your analogy also makes no sense we are talking about dedicated server/no lag vs p2p/lag player advantage. A damn napkin/plate isn't going to change a thing with customers.

Livin_in_a_box2634d ago


So are you saying that Black Ops matches never randomly quit or not have frequent host migration that fail and you get booted from the match? I surely hope not, because that's what happens, and you at least don't see that on EA's servers.

The only good thing about not having dedicated servers is that you can run the online forever as long as Microsoft keep up the Xbox LIVE matchmaking servers, whereas with dedicated servers they are prone to being taken offline as we've seen before with many of EA's older titles. I doubt we'll see it soon for Battlefield 3 though because it should be popular for years to come.

BattleAxe2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

@ ddkshah and Live in a box,

Seriously you guys, did you not ever play Bad Company 1 or 2? Go check out the EA Battlefield forums. I'm not talking about CoD necessarily being a better game, but the Bad Company series did have alot of server issues. I played both games on the PS3, and I have also put about 50 hours into BC2 on PC, and while the PC version isn't nearly as bad, these issues still appear. I jus thate it how people start praising EA and giving them credit where it isn't due when the words "dedicated servers" get brought up. Its not like EA has changed just because Battlefield 3 is coming out.

NatureOfLogic2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

So if I buy 5 used games on my PS3 a year that have online pass, That's $50 a year for online. Might as well have Xbox live.

HardCover2634d ago

"EA has dedicated servers which cost money. Activision does NOT thus ea has a right to online passes."

I'm a PC gamer. That excuse doesn't fly considering the past decade of precedents....

bruddahmanmatt2633d ago

Did EA Hand Modern Warfare 3 The Victory?

That depends. Did a stupid person desperate for hits on his site write an idiotic article with a blatantly sensationalist headline to draw attention to himself?

Spartacus54052633d ago

@KingExlixir ....or if you buy 5 used xbox games with online pass youd have to pay $50 for the passes plus $60 for Live. o.0

morganfell2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The idea of a victory is pure idiocy in the first place.

That said, the "top dog" will be determined by sales rather than the number of persons playing online. And shamefully, no one will seriously look at quality. By sales it means new games and all new BF3 titles carry the online The same cannot be said for MW3 and COD Elite.

Of course so many in the gaming public have shown themselves to be less than intelligent when it comes to long term costs. They focus upon the "cheap fix now" and fail to calculate how costs will rise in the future. Stop drinking the kool-aid. If you want to be a top MW3 player it is going to require COD Elite.

As of the moment Activision are making it sound optional. It is laughable anyone actually beleives this. Wakeup! Once the game is released and players have bought into it Bobby's boys will inevitably up the ante in order to pressure players to sign up for Elite and fork over the money...every month.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2633d ago

I don't understand why people even argue this. Who cares if EA has dedicated servers or not. The only thing the customer is going to look at is;
1. which games is selling better/appeal
2. personal costs

they don't care for company costs at all. They're going to look and see
"oh $10 more so I can play online? no thanks"
If they are buying used that is.

Perjoss2633d ago

I don't see the problem, 2nd hand games that are sold as 'offline' will just become cheaper, the money you save will instead be paid to the creators of the game in the form of an online pass who actually deserve the money.

My biggest concern is that devs will shy away from creating single player experiences if they know they can reduce the hit of 2nd hand losses by making a good multiplayer game and slapping an online pass system on it.

Ares842633d ago

I'm still only buying Battlefield 3 and will NOT buy MW3.

As for the pass, I don't think that anyone who wanted to buy BF3 so far will say "Ahh fuck it I will refuse to buy it now".

EVERYONE who buys BF3 will get an online pass. The only people who are butthurt here are the people who pirate on PC and the people who rent because they will HAVE to buy an online pass even if they just rent the game or pirate it.

So I don't see the problem.

jeseth2633d ago

Anyone that thought BF3 had a chance from the start needs to stop kidding themselves.

BF3 never had a chance to beat/outsell MW3. Any "Gamer" who understands the video game industry knows this. Some people just have a hard time admitting it so they create all this BF3 propaganda.

MW3 will sell close to 20 million units when you add PS3 and 360 combined. BF3 would be considered a wild success if it sells have that.

damnyouretall2633d ago

if you buy a game preowned shorty after release and have to buy an online pass, well thats a waste of money. buy the full game (even after a price drop)cause its bout the same amount of money after buying the pass. preowned games aint that much cheaper then buying a new copy at my gamestop.

awi59512633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The only game i seen that ran well with 32 players on consoles p2p was perfect dark zero. I hosted 32 player matches with no lag on that game. The one thing i can say for that game it had great net code.

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Gray-Fox-Type02634d ago

Pretty awful idea this whole EA pass , they greedy companies are taking the soul out of gaming, with with PSN Crap Pass that will descrease the sales of Sony exclusives to piss poor , to content that is taken out of games and sold as DLC, to content which should be unlockables like olden days are also sold as DLC, and pre order incentives for what a costume?

BF3 will be a amazing game, with supreb graphics, and MW3 will also have a addictive and fast paced MP that everyone will play with a nice cinematic campaign.

One thing for sure

MW3 will eat BF3 for breakfast terms of sales..

4221852634d ago

You saying "PSN Crap Pass" to play sony owned games online but why aren't you bashing xbox gold, Needed to play all games online.

jdfoster002634d ago

THQ pass and Ubisoft pass.... Also Is it fair that some one who payed £20 for a game sencond hand should get the same experience as me when I bought it new for £45?

andyboy132633d ago

So have you ever heard of pc gaming? Because we have had that system pretty much the whole time. I'm going to guess that more people are going to start doing something similar for most console games so that they can make more money.

DarthJay2633d ago

It's pretty hysterical that this is even news. Bad Company 2 had the VIP code. This should have been expected. Oh and PS: buy your games new or don't cry about paying for an online pass. Pretty freaking simple concept. If you can't afford it new or have to rent it, then boo hoo. Buy it six months down the road or when it inevitably goes on sale. It's so retardedly easy and it will easily add years to most of your lives. No need for heart attacks. It's going to be OK.

I am getting so sick of all you so called "journalists" writing this crap thinking that you are somehow coming up with an idea that is relevant, new or even worth anyone's time. I didn't bother reading the article because it is surely garbage. The concept alone makes it garbage. Cut the crap.

Kurt Russell2633d ago

Nothing wrong with have a 2nd hand market. I hope tv companies, car compabies etc. don't start limiting their products to those who buy them new...

"B-b-b-ut that's different, you should support the developers" - A game will always be supported if it's any good, and tailored to what people want. I'm pretty sure BF3's sales would be pretty high without this pass system. People need to take the testicles of the corporations out of their mouths and apply common sense.

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mugoldeneagle032634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

An Online Pass - Which is all that this is - is going to be standard in about 2 years I bet, and it's been present the last year at least, so why the big fuss?

There is no reason at all this will hurt Battlefield 3 sales as much as some people on here say it will. C'mon people..

And are there honestly people out there who strictly buy just used games at launch? Because in the first two weeks of sales I'd say at least 85-90% of them are from new copies, which would have absolutely zero effect on the game at all.

The difference between this and Call of Duty Elite is that one actually helps out developers while the other is just additional money in Activision's pockets.

I'd rather pay no extra than the cost of the game to support them, than a monthly fee to get map overheads and other statistics that I'm sure no one but the COD "hardcore" care about.

And before you get into the "You get money off DLC" excuse, they come out with 2-3 DLC packs a year before the next COD comes out. Are you REALLY getting your moneys worth?

I'll be getting both this Fall, and I expect a better experience on BF3. But to choose one game over the other based on an online pass is pretty ridiculous...

wsoutlaw872634d ago

people who buy used having to pay 10$ will just mean theyll get more new game sales, the only sales they care about. The online pass doesn't effect sales or game quality in any negative way because no one keeps track of used sales.

princejb1342633d ago

i don't feel like there doing nothing wrong here, i understand what their trying to do by getting some form of money at least from people who shop from that evil place called gamestop who hugs the full amount of cash
i buy all my games new anyway but for those who decide to buy it used
if gamestop sells a game for 54.99 when a new game is 59.99 then might as well pay the full 60 than having to pay a extra 10 to play online from buying the used

CNXN2633d ago

I F*&KING hate that 5ive gum ad...

awi59512633d ago

Why should ea care they dont see any money from used sales. Gamestop should care not ea.

Godchild10202633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I think it's the other way around. Why should gamestop care if EA loses money, Gamestop is still making money with every used game sold.

EA cares because it's money out of their pocket and into someone elses.

It's not like they didn't make money from the beginning, but it's the long term that they are worried about. If 5 million copies of a game was sold and 2 million or so decides to trade their game in. That same 2 million is getting recycled, getting Gamestop 3-5 times more money then the Developer or publisher.

What I don't understand without the used games market or Amazon, we could never find that game that went out of production a year a go or so.

Caffo012633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

@ awi5951
you should stop drinking so much..

awi59512633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

How do you know i been drinking stop stalking me you crazy super man suit wearing fanboy lol.

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Neko_Mega2634d ago

Yet their was reports of BF3 having more preorders then MW3.

Plus people forget that Battlefield pretty much owns COD but last games were just joke remakes.

MW3 is most likely doom, but in the end then its just kids fighting over this.

LOGICWINS2634d ago

"Yet their was reports of BF3 having more preorders then MW3."

Yes, because you heard it on the Internet..therefore it must be true.

StanLee2634d ago

LOL. I know right. Battlefield 3 will barely crack the 5 million sales barrier. Modern Warfare 3 will probably sell that many in 1 day.

Neko_Mega2634d ago

Yet it has been a top seller at stores.

Don't be mad that MW3 might not be as good as BF3.

Then again every COD game is the same and in two weeks the game is broken.

NCAzrael2634d ago

Eh, it's true for the Gamestop where I live. MW3 has about 2/3 the amount of preorders as BF3.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2633d ago


Do you people actually go around asking gamestops which game has more preorders? That's kinda sad, no offence.

NCAzrael2633d ago


I used to work at the Gamestop here, and am friends with all but one person currently working there. And this is actually a conversation that we've had a few times, so the last time we got into this discussion we asked Liza, the manager, to check the number of preorders. She couldn't give exact numbers, but said that BF3 was ahead at about a ratio of 3:2.

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Inside_out2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

EA is looking to punish anyone who buys and trades games...plain and simple. They make millions and millions and some bean counter somewhere said that they could squeeze those who, for whatever reason, can't afford new games or prefers to wait until a better deal comes around. It's just another example of those with the least paying for those with the's all lies, these guys are full of money. Let me tell you a story about these two criminals that will now be making games for EA...

...Everybody holds Jason and Vince whattherefaces from Infinity Ward up like some sort of hero's. Devs from all around gaming accused Activision of ripping them off. Interesting enough, now that details of the lawsuit has come out, it's these two greedy goof balls from IW that are to blame. Do you know that they are in line to make 18 million dollars each...yep, but that wasn't enough as they were planing on leaving and thinking they should/could take COD with them...O_o...add to that, Activision had pooled 84 million dollars for the IW team, meaning that each member was in line to make 800,000 plus their salary FOR 2 YEARS WORK. If you think these guys aren't making money, your nuts.

In regards to dedicated of yet, I haven't heard Epic complain about Gears, but maybe that will change as they see EA are hero's for doing so.

EA has gone money crazy the last month or so. As they announce these money making scams, fanboys just shrug and say, hey, they need to make a living...O_o

btw...maybe EA is in panic mode as they try and figure out how they will pay for Popcap as it has been shown, they make about 16 million net profit a math is bad but lets see, 700-1.3 billion depending who you talk to means they will have off hundreds and come with more Pay to play scams...see, it makes sense.

Dart892634d ago

Lol you're posts are funny and so misinformed :D.

monkey nuts2634d ago

Inside out: devils advocate.

JohnnyMann4202634d ago

....says the man with one bubble.

KingZFlipper2634d ago

You don't make any sense.

artdafoo2633d ago

" fanboys just shrug and say, hey, they need to make a living...O_o "

By that I guess he's explaining how Activision has pumping out the same effin game with a new paint job since 2007 and fanboys like him keep praying and hoping the next COD will be groundbreaking and revolutionary.

jvarria12633d ago

Inside_out, where do you get your information? Either you make shit up or you have a severe problem with reading comprehension. I think its a combination of the two. Its understandable considering your need for a MW enima every day while you keep telling yourself each game is completely different and revolutionary. Anyways, better get to it, we know how you get when you miss your dosage. Chop! Chop!

Ravenor2633d ago

Shhh...I think he might be handicapped.

death2smoochie2633d ago

Once again inside out went FULL RETARD

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allyc4t2634d ago

Battlefield 3 was never going to outsell MW3 in the first place. EA's CEO even said that.

cochise3132634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

It won't outsell it but it will take a nice chunkc out of COD. This will be the first time i haven't bought a COD game in a long time. I'm sure there are a few more people out there like me. I'm going with BF3.


we don't have to choose, but i refuse to pay another 60 bucks on a game that I know will be the exact same as last year and the year before. It doesn't entertain me anymore.

allyc4t2634d ago

I don't see why we have to choose between the two. I was fortunate enough to get into the BF3 Alpha and it was awesome. But I have no doubt in my mind that IW and Sledgehammer are going to pull out all the stops to make their game awesome too.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2633d ago

I dunno to me, BF3 looks like solid competition for MW3. That being said competition leads to innovation. I can imagine that MW3 will be an improvement because it has to step up it's game now, if not this iteration maybe the next?

GameTavern2634d ago

See to me, the battle wasn't about whether BF 3 outsold MW 3 or not.

More how much sales it actually took away from the franchise. IF MW 3 goes from selling like 20 million to like 15 million, I would consider that a "Win" for the BF brand.

HostileGamer2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I wish people would shut up with this crap at the moment. The games aren't even out ffs! JUST WAIT AND SEE! And who gives a crap if one outsells the other.. does that REALLY make the game better?

showtimefolks2634d ago

someone won the e3 who the heck cares

we know both of these games will sell a lot of copies so both will be success

and this online pass will matter very little in BF3's case since most of are interested will buy it new at launch

just let it go already. There hasn't been a day passed when we didn't see BF3 article now i want COD to out sell it just for some LOL