What's Next for God of War?

Player Affinity writes: "This year has been truly fantastic for PS3 exclusives so far, and when you start to think of the biggest exclusives Sony has, God of War is probably pretty high on the list. The first entry in the series was one of the most successful games for the PlayStation 2 and was an impressive display of the console's technical capability and the ability of the development team behind it. God of War 2 was a fitting end to that era of gaming and created extremely high expectations for the final chapter that would arrive on the PlayStation 3."

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lazertroy2637d ago

We play as a Kratos from the future in modern day time.

hiredhelp2637d ago

Thoes trying to please that lady in the bedroom while pushing the on screen buttons didnt really do it for me.
Thoe was intresting...

Quagmire2637d ago


Leave the franchise as it is....dead, like Kratos.

Santa Monica should focus on either a new IP, or making a sequel to Heavenly Sword.