Humble Indie Bundle 3 Sales Surpass 1 Million

GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, "Good news, indie game lovers! The Humble Indie Bundle 3, which kicked off last week, has reached over 1 million dollars in sales after 214,800 downloads. Not too shabby, eh?"

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BeastlyRig2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Great! pay what you want really works!

3GenGames2686d ago

Great job, PC gamers! Keeping indie alive somehow, that's awesome.

Johnny Jiron2686d ago

I just read the "Good News, Indie Game Lovers!" part in the voice of Professor Farnsworth.

Anyhow this is great news. I've tried to put in as much as I can afford and add additional amounts over time. Such a great way to support indie developers & charities.