Feed The Gamer Review: From Dust (XBLA)

Billed as “the spiritual successor to Populous”, From Dust is a back-to-basics god game. This isn’t your usual namby-pamby “help the people” kind of god game either, this is proper Old Testament fire, floods and lava style action, with apocalyptic overtones. In the initial cutscene, a nomadic tribe get together to summon the “Breath”, which acts as your cursor within the game world. The Breath can pick things up and put them down, from plants and trees to dirt, lava or water. The tribe wants to keep moving, following the path left behind by the “Ancients”, but in order to do that they must activate the portal in each land they encounter. In order to activate the portal, they need to settle a village at each of the totem poles in that land.

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