7 things FFXIII-2 needs to accomplish to avoid meeting FFXIII’s fate

GB: "The Final Fantasy franchise, once a timeless pillar in gaming and the Role Playing genre and one of the most revered and respected names in the industry, has now sunk to an all time low. Never before has Square Enix’s franchise seen such bad days. First, Final Fantasy XIII got released. While the game was not all bad, and had a lot of great qualities to boast of, it definitely wasn’t the kind of game that hardcore Final Fantasy fans were looking forward to, and was, by and large, a disappointment. Final Fantasy XIV… well, the less I say, the better. Bottomline: it sucked big time."

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Kamikaze1352636d ago

To each their own. I love Final Fantasy XIII.

Karooo2636d ago

Well it was a poor game when compared to its glorious predecessors.

Kamikaze1352636d ago

You obviously didn't get a chance to play FF VIII and II

silkrevolver2636d ago

VIII grew on me... II is undoubtably a mess, though.

gaffyh2636d ago

This is a better list of what it needs:

1. Towns
2. Interactable NPCs, i.e. being able to talk to them
3. Airship or some sort of free world traversal
4. Some sort of mini-game, maybe something like Triple Triad.
5. Better pacing, all fighting sucks, there needs to be points where there is no fighting.
6. More puzzles, better graphics on characters (faces look great, but the fingers on the characters were very blocky in FF13).

Reibooi2635d ago

I love the title.

to avoid XIII's fate? What selling millions upon millions of units?

Really it's no secret the game had it's critics and a few genuine issues but it was still a incredible game and with all the trash talk about it the game still sold like crazy.

I loved XIII It's not my favorite FF by any means but I thought the characters and world were very interesting and I like the fact that it's getting a 2nd game and that that 2nd game is very much improving on what was already a pretty solid game.

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byeGollum2636d ago

I'm sincerely glad you liked Final fantasy 13.

Most are sheep that just follow the herd.

caseh2636d ago

Nah, sheep that have seen greener pastures. :)

Kamikaze1352636d ago

Thanks and yeah, I agree. While XIII was linear, I was fine with that. I never really went out of my way to do the side missions for other FF games anyway. I'm sure a lot of the people hating on it either haven't given it a chance or hate it because everybody else does.

Either way, I'm glad the game sold well and that it's getting a sequel.

Anderson82635d ago


if i dont like a game i'm a sheep... where's the logic in that?

i loved the side missions, airships, towns and exploration from past ff titles 13 had none of this so i hated it

..i tend to get bored of running in a straight line for 40 hours

TheGreenMan2635d ago

It has nothing to do with "following the herd." The game was, by in large, a disappointment when compared to most previous Final Fantasies and recent offerings from companies like Bioware, Bethesda, and Level 5. The only high points for FF XIII I can think of are the graphics and the battle system - and even those had their flaws.

The narrative was chock-full of plastic emotions, like when - SPOILER ALERT - Lightning finds out that humanity are like "pets" to the Fal Cie. She stands there (complete with dramatic music and camera angle) and has a "revelation" that is supposed to make the player give a shit, but it doesn't. I could also talk about Hope, but I think his overall crappiness speaks for itself.

SE also missed the memo that character development, for both heroes and villians, is an important part of the experience. SPOILER - Tell me - what was the point of having Jihl Nabaat in the game? She shows up, kidnaps Sazh's son, then is killed by Dysley before you can even find out anything about her. And what about Yaag? This guy has the depth of a puddle. He's fighting your party because it's his duty - that's it. Even Dysley, the villian you spend practically the whole game trying to defeat, is one-dimensional.

The bottom line is this: bad dialog, poor character development, and an almost total abandonment of exploration will never add up to a good RPG experience - Final Fantasy or not. But I guess by speaking out, I'm just a sheep like the rest of the people who thought the game sucked.

byeGollum2635d ago

I said "Most are sheep", not "all"

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maniacmayhem2636d ago

I finally got thru this game and by the 3rd disk i started to enjoy it. But its a shame that a game only starts to get good by the final chapter.

I think this was the biggest problem for ff xiii.

Raven_Nomad2636d ago

It was actually the first Final Fantasy game I actually enjoyed. You couldn't get lost, easy to stay on the correct path and do the games objectives.

gameseveryday2636d ago

I never played past the first 45 minutes.

Kurisu2636d ago

The first 45 minutes? Really? You can't really judge the game based on that...

Eamon2636d ago

I never played past the first 25 hours.

Is that enough for me to judge?

Wintersun6162636d ago

I've been playing FF XIII for 24 hours now and I'm only at chapter 8 (I know, I'm slow) and I have mixed feelings at this point. Even though I dislike the linearity, I don't hate it, that's for sure, because I'm a lore addict and the story is quite good so far. But it's not nearly as good as XII, VII or VIII either. (Yeah, I loved the hell out of VIII.) But I must say this could have and should have been better, and I completely agree with almost all these points in this article.

GSpartan7772636d ago

I got the same feeling from the game and I think you are going to have that feeling all the way through the end. It wasn't a bad game. Couldn't hate it at all because it did some things right. Although some things could have been better and wasn't as good as it could have it.

HeavenlySnipes2636d ago

THE THING THAT ABSOLUTELY CAUSED ME TO GIVE UP. Was the battle system. Due to the linearity of the game, the only thing you could do was run down the path and fight monsters. The thing is that the battles weren't fun to fight. It consisted of just pressing autobattle and switching paradigms periodically.

To piss me off even more, later in the game, they decide to make the regular creatures have in-vulnerabilities that forced you to have to get them into that critical mode before you could actually do damage. That just made battles vs shitty monsters take longer than necessary. What that also did was make the weapon upgrade system useless. I purposely ONLY upgraded lightnings stuff yet, she was only just as valuable as Fang because you didn't really do much damage unless you got them into that critical mode.

The nonexploration made the game only worth playing to see the story progress. if the battle system was better made, I would of stuck with it, unfortunately, I gave up after I got a little past Gran Pulse (the mines).

thugbob2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Exactly the battle system is what killed it for me too.

FFvs13's battle system looks much better. None of that you see enemy in the distance, you run up to them, unsheathe your sword, and then you enter a DIFFERENT battle screen. -__-
It's either you do random encounter or you do real time battles. Not both.

FF12 had the battle system going in the right direction with real time battles. SE should have improved on that instead going with 13's system. Fortunately FFvs13 seem to be going in a KH/FF12 battle system direction.

Wintersun6162635d ago

Oh crap! I hoped they would get easier... One thing I absolutely hate about this game, is that if I have Lightning as my main character, I can't tell Hope as a synergist to use Haste before casting Protect, Shell and others to speed things up... Or have him NOT use Faith on Fang or Bravery on Vanille. They're really not that smart controlled by the AI. I think XII had the best fighting system ever, I had so much fun playing around with gambits.

GSpartan7772636d ago

- Remove auto-battle
- Less linear and better level design
- A more lively world (Towns, shops, NPC)
- Side quests
- Give every character their own unique skill set

And you got yourself a better game. FFXIII wasn't a bad game by any means, in fact I enjoyed it quite a lot. But it did seem as if it was just a base for what it could have been or what they wanted to do. I'm very much looking forward to this next installment and hope SE can redeem themselves.

frjoethesecond2636d ago

I you didn't like auto battle then why use it? Anyway I think a good system would be have auto battle on easy and remove it on hard.

Kos-Mos2636d ago

What fate? Selling only millions? Being hated by teens on the internet?

CLOUD19832635d ago

Man u r idiot u know that? the only reason it sell good was that every1 believe it will be good and buy it day1 and because of the name FF and the one who hated is not teens as u say but 25-30+ years old ppl that have experience the past glory of Squaresoft teens r the one who like it because they didn't play the old FF's so cut the crap and put your brain to work a little I will tell u one thing and w8 to see who is going to be right XIII-2 is not going to sell the same as XIII for that I am 110% sure.

Kos-Mos2635d ago

Are you an 11-year old girl, or an american between 25-30+?
Just wondering.

CLOUD19832635d ago

The fact that u comment the way I write and not everything else makes u more of an idiot so with your way of thinking because something sell good that makes it automatically good eh? prolly u r the 11 year your brain sure is that of a small kid.

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