FIFA 12: “It’s good to have the Konami guys around”-EA Sports

Gameplay director Aaron McHardy said, when asked what they felt about Konami’s competing series Pro Evolution Soccer, that “it’s good to have the Konami guys around” and that they both push each other to make better football games.

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BigWillys2632d ago

“It’s good to have the Konami guys around and rub it in their faces that we have the greater soccer game"

dangert122632d ago

Fifa devs are just being nice, IMO the konami guys are not around anymore pro evo is just so clunky

Hanif-8762632d ago

I've always wanted the FIFA dev's to use the euphoria animation engine that is used in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption so in return we get animations generated on the fly and not pre-calculated animations that are used in Fifa 11 and all football games before that. However, this year they are giving us the ANT Engine that gives us more realistic animations that i can't wait to see in action thats the main reason i'm sticking with the Fifa series this year. Also, percision dribbling should be a game changer, i can't believe we didn't have that before!

subtenko2632d ago

push each other slowly...I barley see that much improvement in sports games. It should be more than what it is, they just add little stuff most of the time. Im pretty sure they have the tech to do more than what they do, but they arent trying enough. maybe its because they arent console exclusive games, idk

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nix2632d ago

“It’s good to have the Konami guys around”

i agree because i only buy PES series.