IGN - Rage in a Handful of Dust

IGN - Isn't there something deeply illogical about the term 'post-apocalyptic' fiction? Can anything take place after the end of everything?

In video games as in literature, the smouldering ruins and blighted fields of a wasted tomorrow have proven to be oddly fertile ground. And in recent years, these blasted landscapes have become increasingly familiar – from Fallout to Borderlands, from Resistance to Gears of War. So what, if anything, can set Rage apart from its peers?

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Heartnet2686d ago

nothing. all it has is good graphics...

DigitalRaptor2686d ago

And story/characters that we haven't been deeply divulged yet.

And interesting, dynamic and varied gameplay, that we also haven't seen in its entirety or played yet.

EazyC2686d ago

I wonder will it live up to the hype?

Also, is there Aim Down Sight? It just seems like it could be a nuisance in outdoor areas.