Barrel Roll Podcast #127 – “The Interview”

The one-hundred and twenty-seventh episode of the Barrel Roll podcast sees the return of Adam #2. Milecki survived San Diego ComiCon and is back to give us the low-down on the insanity.

Starting with the new releases of the week, the guys realize the gaming industry accidentally released nothing but licensed games. Then in the news, they discuss the new 3DS price-drop and the Humble Indie Bundle #3.

The second half of the show has the guys discussing the games they’ve been playing, which includes more Bastion talk from Jesse as well as the full game of Catherine. Jonah is on a random old PC game kick with the excellent King’s Bounty: The Legend. Adam has played through the entirety of Rhythm Heaven Wii (aka Minna no Rhythm Tengoku) and seems to have enjoyed it quite a bit. Milecki has been playing a ton of stuff since his last time on the show, but focuses on the SpaceChem DLC and Dungeons of Dredmor. The preview build of Wyv & Keep is also discussed.

And before the guys wrap things up, they announce the latest giveaway for a copy of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle.

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