Top 5 Games Still To Come In 2011

We are more that halfway through 2011 and the top 5 games are still yet to come!

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Rrobba2638d ago

First of all, these games HAVE NOT come out yet, how could they possibly know if they will turn out to be the best games?

Second, of all, Call of Duty, seriously?

And third, no Uncharted 3? No Zelda? No RAGE?

handheldwars22638d ago

Zelda is my most anticipated game followed by Skyrim!

NukaCola2637d ago

The Old Republic? Does that even have a release date. I thought it was pushed into 2012.

My list is:
Arkham City

ABizzel12637d ago

A top 5 is impossible to come up with.

MaxXAttaxX2637d ago

And one of the ones on the list shouldn't be there.

Miiikeyyy2638d ago

I never even noticed Uncharted 3 wasn't on there :O I'm shocked it isn't

Jejojaja2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

They made the list too short imo, imagine if they replaced CoD with uc3, resistance 3 with rage and BF3 with Zelda, then someone else would say the exact same thing as you did but with the games that didnt make the list.
I dismiss this list due to it not having DoTa2 in it.

DoTa2 and Zelda are easily my most anticipated games. Uc3 will probably be a great game, but it's not my kind of game (really dont know why either)as a matter of fact i'll rather take resistance3 over Uc3 ( just my opinion dont rage, as i said the UC series are great games but somehow not my kind of game).

Edit: forgot about Dark Souls, that's another game that really interests me.
basically my point is they should have made this atleast a top 10 instead of top 5, i believe that would please alot more gamers no matter the order.

Cmpunk2637d ago

i agree the actual list is

1. Uncharted 3
2. Battlefield 3
3. Skyrim
4. Modern warfare 3
5. gears of war 3

Epedemic2637d ago

You got that 3/5s right sir, the real list is this.

1. Skyrim
2. Battlefield 3
3. Dark Souls
4. Arkham City
5. Uncharted 3

Have some originality, will ya? Gears 3 can get #6 spot since I enjoyed gears 1 so much but sold my 360 since that was the only game worth playing on it. ;)

BattleAxe2637d ago

Take Dark Souls off that list and replace it Resistance 3 and maybe you'll look a bit more dignified.

thorstein2637d ago

This should be titled "Top 4 FPS and 1 RPG Still to Come in 2011"

Dark Souls, Deus Ex, and Uncharted 3 are not FPS but are surely in many people's top 5.

peowpeow2637d ago

Hard to condense into a Top 5, I see top-notch quality in all these games and a lot more. Happy gamer :)

Philoctetes2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

For me personally:

1. Skyrim
2. Battlefield 3
3. Dark Souls
4. Uncharted 3
5. Twisted Metal

joydestroy2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

my top 5 for the rest of the year are:

Deus Ex HR
Uncharted 3
Star Wars TOR

honorable mentions:
Dead Island
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal

showtimefolks2637d ago

these are the games i plan on buying day one

dues ex
driver(depend on reviews and demo maybe rent)
dead island(may rent it depend on reviews or a demo)
X-Men Destiny(most likely rent)
resistance 3
ratchet all 4 one
uncharted 3
saints row 3
batman 2

HD collections:

DMC hd collection which should be announced at gamescon

mgs hd collection
god of war psp collection
resident evil 4 hd

I know the author asked for top 5 but these are all my games its hard for me to pick and choose

the witcher 2 for xbox360 i was planning on getting but it got delayed

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Run_bare2637d ago

Yeah, No Uncharted 3, why is that?

Speaking of which, I do awaits resistance 3, but it won't necessarily be in the top 5 for me. Modern Warfare 3 I will buy just to see the story goes, but seriously, Uncharted 3 will be the top of my list.

RockmanII72638d ago

I hope Rayman Origins is a sleeper hit, I'm excited at the idea of a full budget 2D platformer.

AKS2637d ago

I agree with Skyrim and Battlefield 3. The Old Republic should also be very good, but I'm not sure if it's among the very top yet. It certainly could be. As for the rest, I was thinking more along the lines of Dark Souls, Uncharted 3, Zelda, Journey, Gears 3, and RAGE. Also the Team ICO collection if it makes it out on time.

I think Uncharted 3 and Zelda are legit contenders for GOTY and would have to be in a top 5 list. I would not be at all surprised if Dark Souls steals a few GOTY awards as well. It looks to be very similar in style to Demon's Souls (trust me, I've played DS enough to know). Need I say more?

Bladesfist2637d ago

Surely skyrim is more likely to get GOTY as all of bethesdas recent games got GOTY

AKS2637d ago

Skyrim was in the author's list, and it would be in my own as well.

HeavenlySnipes2637d ago

Imagine Skyrim had Move support and played like Sports Champion's Gladiator duel. You use the left handed weapon by pressing the trigger and the right hand by not pressing the right trigger. Magic staves could be used by aiming and pressing the move button to fire, and magic could be mapped to a button (because you don't have to press anything to attack).

Imagine the sales the Move and skyrim would get.


HostileGamer2637d ago

OMG i never though of this xD that would be awesome!

TheLastGuardian2637d ago

Haha no Twisted Metal? Huge fail. That's the #1 game still to come in 2011.

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