Pirates of Black Cove Video Review | says: "Despite the oddly ongoing “pirates vs. ninjas” debate, there’s still shockingly few good pirates games available for mass consumption. Based on its stellar reputation and super-addictive gameplay Sid Meier’s Pirates! may heretofore retain the crown of being the ultimate pirate experience.

But Pirates of Black Cove has stepped into the light. A few preview screenshots and trailers didn’t eek out much information, we weren’t really sure what to expect of it before we started playing. Happily, we were pleasantly surprised with our experience. Put on your tricorn hat, and strap on your eye patch and do whatever else pirate fans do. There may be some pirate puns ahead (but we’ll do our best to keep them at a minimum).

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Myst2725d ago

lot of slashes lol anyway still debating on whether or not to get this...kind of liked the demo.