Want a PS3 or Xbox 360, but Afraid of the Price? Don’t be!

DoylesTown: Many people would love to get into playing videogames, but the price keeps them at bay. And at first glance, it’s a valid assumption. To get started in the current Xbox 360/PS3 generation of gaming when it started would’ve cost a good $800

But when you break it all down and factor in time, if you can come up with that initial scratch, playing videogames is actually a very economical hobby when placed against other popular activities you may already partake in

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Hellsvacancy2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I spend more money on pot then what i do gamin, and i game loads

The Meerkat2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

And pot enhances the games.
Graphics look better, story is deeper and the music becomes three dimensional and seems to surround you like a blanket but still has the clarity to enable you to almost reach out and pluck individual chords from the air.

Or so a 'friend' told me.

ironwolf2635d ago

Nothing like reinforcing societies impressions and beliefs about video gamers.

buckley2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

You should be able to get an eighth for less than a full-priced game, though. :D

Edit: was supposed to be a reply ^

cee7732635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

$50 no tax lol

dangert122635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It depends

If your going to by a mainly multiplats xbox normally has better or on par versions

If you like to talk to friends but dont want to play the same game as them and deem it an important feature xbox is the way to go

If you like bright colours happy avatars and options put in big squares put in big squares that the blind have no problem seeing xbox is the way to go

If you have soo much money you don't mind paying for your p2p conntection again yearly xbox is the way to go

If you like CoD DLC and cant wait for it xbox is the way to go

If you see the value in over pricing things that are miles cheaper else where xbox is the way to go

If you like shopping and not understanding how much you spent inreality guess what? yes xbox is the way to go

If you like to play casual games and core games with lag xbox is the way to go.

But if you want a built in bluray player a host of exlcusives and diverse genres a web browser a sims like online experience cheaper hardrives free online mulitmedia download capabilities from browser a gaming rental service which gives games avatars discounts etc ps3 is the way to go

caseh2635d ago

Xbox is easily the cheapest option, you can pick up an 360 20gb pre-owned here in the UK for like £60-£70 quid these days. Even after you pay for the Live membership its still cheaper and theres a huge selection of games.

Oh i'm a PS3 owner by the way, but if its about cost and you want to play games then yeah, Xbox.