TGH: Bleach Soul Resurreccion Review

TGH Writes: Bleach is a long running and popular anime series in both Japan and America. As for most action oriented series, there is bound to be video game about the series. Most of the Bleach games were portable or never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Finally, Bleach: Soul Resurreccion will be released in North America. Developed by Racjin and published by NIS (NA), Bleach: Soul Resurreccion will be the first Bleach game for High-Def consoles. So will this title give fans what they want? Or will it leave fans hollow? Find out in this Review of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion.

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ShadyDevil2686d ago

I thought its a great game with a lot of fan service.

rezzah2686d ago

It seems to be an average game based on the range of scores it is getting. Some are bad and good, most seem to be mid ranged.

Even so those who enjoy the show would be more likely to enjoy the game than a complete stranger.

Rob9462686d ago

Game looks quite good might try it out soon.

ferelinstincts2686d ago

The game does look pretty good. I'll have to check it out and why it got a 3/5. : )