Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games in Development & Available at Launch

PS Vita Universe writes: "There is a list of over 30 games already announced for the PS Vita and it appears that most of them will be available at launch, so you’ll have quite a few big names to choose from. Even better, there are 96 third party companies that will develop for the PlayStation Vita, so there’s a huge potential for tons of games."

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remanutd552724d ago

Resistance ? WWE 12 ? Top Darts ? Ridge Racer ? Broken ?

Miiikeyyy2724d ago

Killzone and Monster hunter?

SilentNegotiator2724d ago

Is the Killzone game for Vita just the first game?

MaxXAttaxX2724d ago

Yeah, they can't left those out.

There's still more to be announced at TGS and possibly GamesCom.

MasterCornholio2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

This is just my opinion.

Looks like the Vita will have a ton of amazing games to play. Even more than the 3DS due to sony heavily supporting 3rd partys and Indie devs. Not to mention Sony will produce a ton of 1st party games for this thing. If theres one thing the Vita will not lack in is good games and innovation.

The roof the roof the roof is on fire.

SandWitch2724d ago

That's why Nintendo cut 3DS price. They know that it can't compete with such a great handheld at the same price.

miyamoto2724d ago

... and this is not even half of it!

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Gravity Daze
Dragon's Crown
Shinobido 2

on my list

Stealth2k2724d ago

these arent all launch titles.

They are talking out of there ass.

Sony is announcing this stuff at tgs

SilentNegotiator2724d ago

"2. Unnamed Bioshock game"

Yeah, it becomes apparent as early as #2 that these aren't accurately all launch titles.

Stealth2k2723d ago

dont get me wrong it could be launch window but the facts are we dont have any idea

Infernostew2723d ago

It says in the title that its a list of known games in development and launch titles. Where does it say that all these games are launch titles? All the games on the list (and a bunch that the writer missed) have already been mentioned or officially announced for Vita.

Godmars2902724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Be nice to see a few strategy games. Turn based or otherwise.

JohnnyMann4202724d ago

The article is full of crap. They aren't launch titles and they are guessing. FAIL.

Hicken2723d ago

"GAMES IN DEVELOPMENT and available at launch."

Guess you missed that part, huh?

JohnnyMann4202717d ago

Uhh no. This list is not verified to launch when the Vita does. This is a guy pretending to know that they are launchng with the Vita.

Guess you missed that part, huh?

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