Why Are Films of Games So Awful?

Doom, Final Fantasy, Alone in the Dark, any BloodRayne film, hell, even Tomb Raider. The gaming world has traditionally got a rough deal from Hollywood, with very few games managing to make the transition to silver screen without mysteriously turning to crap. Of course, films rarely fare better in blatant marketing cash-ins. How often have you seen the same basic, uninspired platformers stamped with the face of whatever money/wallet separation tool is being shoved into kids’ faces this month?

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CrimsonEngage2634d ago

Because you have crap actors and stray away from the story of the game. I understand Movies are only 2 hours long where as games are anywhere from 6 to 100 but you could split the movie into parts ala LOTR.

ashbc2634d ago

There are other reasons aswell. Prince of Persia was on ok film, but it wasted an actor of the talent of Ben Kingsley in a small role. There is more to this than crap actors. Poor director for one.

bruddahmanmatt2634d ago

Because they do not take the source material seriously, THAT'S WHY.

Video games are often frowned upon as being inferior to the likes of books, plays or other mediums used as the basis for films. When you have what many believe to be sub-par source material, there's really only one direction you can go in if you're the studio, that of big summer blockbuster which often means weak scripts, mediocre acting and huge explosions in an attempt to pander to the masses.

Perhaps one day we'll see a major studio take a story from the video game world seriously, but until that happens, don't expect any huge changes.

kneon2634d ago

I think another reason is that movie studios still think their target audience for such films are 12 year old boys. That's not a demographic that is noted for their discerning taste so they often barely even try. As long as the movie has the right name they expect people will go and see it.

Anderson82634d ago

because the directors are never fans of or play the games they adapt...

Prototype2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

My biggest reason is they don't ask the fans for suggestions to consider; or they don't have directors/producers who are fans of a series to actually make a good movie - it's all Hollywood-ish and that's it. Some games you really can't make a movie unless its a "what-if" situation, or a back story, or a "this is an after story" setting.

A big example of a fan is The Dark Knight (I know its off a comic but still); that's made by a Batman fan who listened to the audience.

The only actual real good Game movie I've seen was the First Mortal Kombat.

Jacobite2634d ago

I know some folk like the Resident Evil films but I felt they were disappointing I would have them stick to the story in the games more from the Mansion to Racoon city using Leon ,Chris, Barry, Webster and Clair in the main story in the films.

billyboi1222634d ago

I enjoy the Resident Evil movies. I know they're kinda crappy but still tolerable. I like the idea of using the game plots though and expanding on what's there.

WhiteLightning2634d ago

Bad casting as well

Wentworth Miller as Chris......oh boy ¬¬

dinkeldinkse2634d ago

I should slap myself for saying that.

The RE movies aren't bad movies, but are horrible RE movies. They borrow random shit from the games that don't make any sense(The Executioner in RE5, enemies from RE5)and ignore the rest.

I like the RE movies, but I understand why others don't.

Pozzle2634d ago

I think Wentworth Miller could have been an ok Chris if he had better direction. I feel the same way about Ali Larter as Claire. She could have been good...if she had been directed better.

Sadly, the actual game characters are never given much personality in the films because then they might *gasp* be more interesting than Milla Jovovich's character. And Paul Anderson wouldn't like that.

vglulz2634d ago

I've never seen a really good videogame movie. Someone will do it eventually.

Bioshock would translate very well into movie form if it was handled well.

FAGOL2634d ago

Christopher Nolan "Would you kindly" make a Bioshock movie? But it has to be done right. The game itself was a masterpiece.

house2634d ago

everything Christopher Nolan touches turns to gold, with that said i think the reason why they dont work is because it doesn't make sense to make a movie based on a video game its like making a novelization of movie

WhiteLightning2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

They don't stick to the source material.

I have a funny feeling if someone copied and pasted most of the story to the film it would do better then a video game film that changes the entire story.

I mean of course the problem with copying and pasting is that fans of the game would know what is going to happen next but I'd rather know what happens next and enjoy the film rather then see a video game I love ruined.

Look at Uncharted for example would you rather have, at the time, David O Russels story or have a game following the Drakes Fortune plot very closely where, even though we know what's going to happen and what they are going to roughly say, enjoy the film. The best thing I like about DOOM was the fps scene and even though RE Afterlife was crap I liked the way Chris and Claires fight resembled the fight between Chris and Sheva against Wesker in RE5

For once Hollywood should try and change tatics, if changing the story dosen't work then stick closely to it.

ashbc2634d ago

I think that most gamers that watch a game film like to see how the movie directed has gone about doing certain key scenes more than anything. It's not about knowing the story its about seeing how the movie has translated the story from the game to the film.

Baka-akaB2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Even if you stick to the material , when the original material is already an imitation and plyable patchwork of established movies , it's doomed .

And some games genre just can't be translated well on screen .

All of the silliness from RE movies would actually serve something like a DMC movie instead .

billyboi1222634d ago

Prince of Persia was sub-par. But still, better than most of the other crap out there.

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