Rage - New video to show some gameplay

There is a new video from Rage that shows some new gameplay. Just klick on the blue »panic button« in the embedded video. To watch the video in HD ... just press HD.

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MidnytRain2637d ago

I'm loving the camera's movement and effects. Should give this game a visceral edge.

Human Analog2637d ago

This looks better and better every time they show us new stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

EazyC2636d ago

I feel bad that the only reason I'm (deep down) buying, is to fill my Fallout need until Fallout 4 gets announced!

God, it does look lovely though.

cooperdnizzle2636d ago

Game looks amazing, I want the game now. I have been waiting 5 years and following the hell out of this game. That is to long. Looks really good though. The animation is some of the best i have seen in a video game. Maybe even better then the uncharted series , or at least right on par with one another. Plus the 60 fps second is an amazing feet considering how good the game still looks. Day one buy on my PC and ps3 for me!

ddurand12636d ago

no real multiplayer, so its a bargain bin pickup for me.

its unfortunate too.

cooperdnizzle2636d ago

You can't say it has no real multiplayer just because its not the multiplayer YOU WANT. , they have car combat, and online co-op multiplayer. That is real multiplayer, no matter how ya spin it.