Is Minecraft on par with top console titles?

Minecraft almost has three million players but does it stand its own against top games such as Uncharted, Zelda, Battlefield, Mario, or Mass Effect 3?

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TomInc2633d ago

I'll admit. The things I've seen recreated in minecraft are amazing! But the sheer time and patience.. I think I get a lot more enjoyment out of the console titles.

yen8882633d ago

Seems to sum up console titles versus pc titles, more patience required with pc titles but they can give you more enjoyment

ElementX2633d ago

How do they make all those creations in Minecraft? Are they using the free version with unlimited blocks? There's no way they actually mine all those.... and what about mobs?

Ducky2633d ago

You can do those things with the full version too by modding it.

ElementX2633d ago

Cool. I have the beta version.

Emilio_Estevez2633d ago

They cheat. Inventory editer. Some of them do actually mine all that stuff though. If you have a whole team of guys mining stuff it can add up really quick.

Ocelot5252633d ago

on smp servers admins can give blocks with the give command

WillGuitarGuy2633d ago

Don't you EVER say it can compare to top console titles. I play minecraft from time to time and it can't compare to games with better gameplay, graphics, and actual story. Hell, Notch and the team at Mojang are just barely going to implement a sprint ability in minecraft. That's saying something.

nickjkl2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

i played mine craft until i got bored

while it did give me hours of entertainment once i got tired of it i feel like i didn't accomplish anything

even though i created mansions aboove ground

cleared giant rooms below ground

created a giant chicken/pig farm underground

created bases in the side of caves

created entire mountains

i have made all of this and crushed it all under 1000 blocks of tnt and save afterwards so prove there was no going back

zero_cool2633d ago

Playstation 3 gamers have little big planet 1 & 2,mod nation racers,infamous 2's user generated content tools & many more games will end up with the feature eventually in some form or another so were pretty set!

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